One more opportunity

Annabel Parker and Harry Edward Styles were once declared boyfriend and girlfriend.But Annabel had to move 4 years that she's back and harry sees her,he calls her a 'best friend' but you never know that Cupid could be out there shooting people in the butt.Could her and harry have another shot at what you call........."love?"..


3. Best Friend meet up again

Annabel's P.O.V


I sit in the park benches when all of a sudden a pretty teenager girl comes up to me." any chance is your name.....annabel?"she asks me randomly.I shrug my eyebrows together."yes?.............why"i answer concerned.

She opens her mouth and smiles."annabel don't you remember me? alexis your maybe BFF!"i look at her for a while."alexis??????????/omg your here!!!"i quickly jump up and hug her.

"you don't know how much i've missed you love!!!"

"well i've felt the same.............have you talked to harry?"

"no....i wish i could but that's gonna be impossible"\

"no it's not"

"what do you mean it's not..........yes it is he's famous and he's not as free as i thought he would be"

"i practically see him everyday"

WHAT?!?!?!:)I stare at her deeply and too much that she gets scared.

"what do you mean you see him everyday?"

"oh one of the boys girlfriend,and they spend all the day together and sometimes Niall brings me with him."

"Niall's your boyfriend?


this is my one and only chance to finally meet harry again!!!


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