Enemy Love

Roni and Louis are the people who make up the biggest enemy relationship in the school. But Louis was forced to hang out with her they fall in love. Will Roni accept this or let it go?
Read and find out!!


7. Truth and Lies

Today I made a promise to myself today I'm going to tell Roni that I like her. I changed into my usual clothes. It was a Saturday so I went to the local supermarket and bought a box full of chocolate. I bought a card and payed. When I got home, I wrote in the card:
Dear Roni, I don't want to say this but I really like you. And I lied about everything. I'm sorry for falling on you in Grade 4 and breaking your arm and leg��. Please forgive me and I forgive you. Please please pleas give me a chance? Louis. RONI'S POV I looked out my window and see Louis walking out of his house , holding a box. He was walking over to my flat? Huh I'll just pretend, my parents aren't here anyways. When I heard the doorbell ring I stayed quiet. I carefully look out the window and see Louis going back to his flat without the box. He must've left it. I ran down the stairs and open the door. I found a chocolate box and a envelope noted RONI? Hmmmm. I picked it up and walked to my room. I sat at the edge of my bed and opened up the envelope. WOAH!!!! OMG!! I read the letter and I can't believe the clues worked!! He does like me and it says to give him a chance. I thought for a bit and decided YES because it was my fault we were enemies. I walked down the stairs and out the door. I crossed the street to Louis's flat. I rang the doorbell and a few moments later there he was. Louis Tomlinson standing in the door way. "What are you doing here!!?��" He asked me. " Don't act all fake Louis! I know the truth!" I shouted. " So will you give me another chance?" He asked me smirking. I nodded and walked back to my flat.
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