Enemy Love

Roni and Louis are the people who make up the biggest enemy relationship in the school. But Louis was forced to hang out with her they fall in love. Will Roni accept this or let it go?
Read and find out!!


13. More than friends

*2 weeks later*


Me and Roni have been having so much FUN! We've been hanging out everyday, and going on mini vacations!! Today is the day to well . . . . . . . ask Roni out. I'm sure she'll say yes. It's like we've been friends since birth. Me and Roni are going to the ZOO today. I decided to ask her there, it will be way sweeter. I got dressed into my striped shirt, suspenders,red skinny jeans and blue TOMS.She loved this outfit of mine.

I picked her up and we drove to the ZOO. Once we got there we HELD HANDS and walked from animal to the other. She was so into the Tiger and I was so into the Monkey. WE laughed when the monkey swinged back and forth on a vine. Then after 3 hours of walking around, we both sat down on a bench under the tree. I decided it was time. "Um Ron?" I asked her. "Yes Lou?' she asked back. " Um. . . . . . Will you go on a d-date with m-me. . PLEASE?" I asked hopefully.


OMG!!! Louis just asked me out! In the past few weeks i've developed a thing for Lou. I shyly nodded my head and we both hugged. We pulled away and looked into each other's eyes. Lou leaned in and so did I. Then our lips crashed. This is the beggining of our relationship.

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