Enemy Love

Roni and Louis are the people who make up the biggest enemy relationship in the school. But Louis was forced to hang out with her they fall in love. Will Roni accept this or let it go?
Read and find out!!


22. MESS Part 2

*1 hour later*


"Good Luck," Alex says. I was going back to mine and Louis's shared flat so I could grab some of my stuff and my phone. My plan was 'IGNORE LOUIS'. 

I finally arrived at our flat. I nearly rang the doorbell, when I realized that I had the keys. I unlocked the door to the inside.

I gasped. The floor was filled with broken glass, and the furniture were either flipped over or broken. "What happend here?" I asked myself. "LOU?" I yelled. No answer. I made my way through all the broken glass. And searched for Louis,"Louis?" Still no answer. I was scared. "Louis?" I called again. NO ANSWER. I ran to our room to see if he was there. Everything still broken. I looked everywhere and see Lou in the corner of the room. 

He had tons of cuts, and was hugging a picture of . . . . . . . . . me. To top it off, he was muttering,'Roni, I love you, i still love you with all my heart' over and over again. I cried. I loved him too. I still did. I ran to him and hugged, "Lou, I love you," I say. His eyes slowly opened, revealing his red puffy eyes. "Roni!" he cheered and hugs me. "I love you, i'm sorry, will you forgive me?" he asked into my shoulder. "Of course I will Boobear, I love you too," I stayed there, hugging like it was the end of the world.

*5 minutes of hugging later*

"Lou?" I asked," Let's clean this place up!" I said all country accenty. 

"One more thing," Louis said. "What is it?" i asked. 

"I love you," he says. I smiled,"I love you too."


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