Enemy Love

Roni and Louis are the people who make up the biggest enemy relationship in the school. But Louis was forced to hang out with her they fall in love. Will Roni accept this or let it go?
Read and find out!!


1. Hatred

Louis' POV
I walk in the school and immediately see my worst enemy Roni Blue. I wish he never came to this school.
I pass by her locker and see her raise her eyebrow up. "STUPID!" I yelled at her which made her stick out her tongue. I just walked away with madness inside me. The bell then suddenly rang and everyone running to homeroom. I groaned in frustration, I was in Roni's homeroom class and basically every class. The only thing that made laugh is that she's up to my shoulder which is. . . . Really,really short!!

Roni's POV
I walk into homeroom and see my worst enemy,LOUIS, sitting there laughing with his posse Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry. Well at least I had my posse, well actually they were my beast friends Alex, Christina, Jeannine, Rachelle and Jaelyn.
I tapped on Christina's shoulder and pointed to Louis' posse. Then we all started to laugh. They stared at us like boogers were hanging out of our noses!!
"What's your problem!?" I asked madly. He shrugged and we back to chatting his friends.

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