Enemy Love

Roni and Louis are the people who make up the biggest enemy relationship in the school. But Louis was forced to hang out with her they fall in love. Will Roni accept this or let it go?
Read and find out!!


10. BORED!



Today was Saturday. The kind of Saturday when you don't know what to do and your parents are out. Or your friends are busy doing something funner than ever. Today was so BORING!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could invite Louis over but he said he needs his space. Aww man! I walked around my block giggling at things that are not even funny. For example, A dog who was doing his buisness on an old man's lawn.

I got bored outside so I went back to my flat and watched TV while texting my friends, going on YouTube, eating popcorn, eating cookies, drinking soda and reading a book. I know it sounds complicated, but if you're the one doing it, it isn't really.

*2 hours later*

The doorbell rang. ''Arggghhh!" I growled. I was in the middle of  great  episode of Dora!!!! Note the sarcasm. I opened up the door and there standing in the doorway was LOUIS. " I thought you needed some alone time?"  I asked confused.

"I was too alone," he said, pouting. "Ok Lou! Look what i'm watching!!!" I pointed to my TV. "Dora? Seriously? Wow my little Roni is sooo bored! Wanna go somewhere?" Louis asked me." I was thinking if we could only be friends for now." 

"SURE!" I said grabbing his hand to my car.

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