Natalie, was a 16 year old girl who was hopelessly in love with 5 boys, she never expected for her life to take a dramatic turn for the worse, can Natalie figure out how to keep her life straight?


1. Terrible twists

Life was ending as she knew it, yup Natalie found herself alone again because her parents were fighting... Again. Ugh she hated it when they fought -smash- oh great there goes the clock. She stood up slowly and walked down the hall, as soon as she neared the stairs she bolted right down the stairs and out the door. Natalie was sick of the constant fighting she decided she was going to run away, but where would she go? She thought to herself before almost screaming out loud, quickly she called her aunt Tina. Her aunt answered on the first ring
"Hey aunt Tina, i have a favour to ask.."
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