The Trash Bin of Cliches

This is a series of shorts about the life of established author, Willow Parker.

Whilst living in London with her best friend Kennedy, Willow gets writer's block. Something she deals with by getting, what was supposed to be a temp job, at The Agency: a company that is invested in a bunch of media industry fields. While helping out with a photo shoot Willow meets one of the world's most coveted bachelors, Sawyer Huntington, one of the boys from the internationally popular group Once Upon.

Thanks to one of her new model friends, Yvonne, Sawyer gets his hooks into her and she wakes up after a night of partying with someone else's boxers on. After that it's one thing after another, starting again when Once Upon books their new music video shoot with The Agency. When she is mistaken for an extra and Sawyer picks her to play the opposing role in his scene, sparks fly, now all Willow has to do is try not to catch fire.


18. The Beginning of the Second Act - Back together: 1 year After N//A

“No, you're right. I hate being alone, I've never really admitted it, but I do. I am terrified of being alone and looking at my life, and looking at the people I love, and knowing eventually they are going to move on and I am just going to be here. Stuck as who I am forever, and you know what? I found someone, I found someone who helped, who made it better, who made me realize I don't have to be that guy anymore. I used to love it, this life, girls coming up to me asking who I am, and coming home with me just because of my name. Even when that got boring, I could take my pick of the girls that took the time to strike up a conversation. I loved it, never alone, never close enough to have more people to think about leaving. Or, at least I thought I did, because then somehow, I let her in, she found some sort of secret crack in the walls I'd built all these years, and I found the crack at the same time she did. But that part of me saw her, and let her pick away at it, until like one of her book characters, I wanted to give my life to her.”


“From what you've told me, it seems like you wanted to give a version of your life to her like one of her books.” Rachelle sipped her drink, and refused to break eye contact.


“What?” He broke the silence.


“Sawyer, you set plot points for Willow and your life with her, to be honest I’m surprised you didn’t write a fanfiction yourself. But life isn't like a book. She figured it out, and at some point I think she was hoping for you to.”


“What are you getting at?”


“I shouldn't have to spell it out for you.”


“Yeah, but you are going to anyways.”


“Only because you are blind.”


“I can see perfectly-”


“No, you can't, or you would have figured out by now that if you just went over there and talked about everything with her like you have with me. She'd be back in your arms right now.”


“You don't know that.”


“Of course I do! Sawyer, you were so enthralled with this girl that it's been months, almost a year to the day, and you are still as in love with her today as you were before. It's obvious, and she still talks to you correct?”


“We chat from time to time, mutual friends and all that.”


“Go talk to her.”

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