The Trash Bin of Cliches

This is a series of shorts about the life of established author, Willow Parker.

Whilst living in London with her best friend Kennedy, Willow gets writer's block. Something she deals with by getting, what was supposed to be a temp job, at The Agency: a company that is invested in a bunch of media industry fields. While helping out with a photo shoot Willow meets one of the world's most coveted bachelors, Sawyer Huntington, one of the boys from the internationally popular group Once Upon.

Thanks to one of her new model friends, Yvonne, Sawyer gets his hooks into her and she wakes up after a night of partying with someone else's boxers on. After that it's one thing after another, starting again when Once Upon books their new music video shoot with The Agency. When she is mistaken for an extra and Sawyer picks her to play the opposing role in his scene, sparks fly, now all Willow has to do is try not to catch fire.


17. Friendly Backstage Chatter: December 11th, 2011

Cause when I wish, I wish for you…” the four part harmony.


Willow watched the televised concert back stage. She originally was side stage but the girls screaming had overcame Sawyer making faces at her in certain parts of the song. She winced as something hit her boyfriend right in the face and burst out laughing at his face upon Henry picking it up and showing it to him. Sawyer Huntington, was just hit in the eye with a phone that had a black thong, a card key, and a note attached to it. He winced at the pain as he laughed as well.


Ladies, ladies,” Tyson put his arm around Sawyer at the end of the song, “I’m sure Sawyer here appreciates your offer, but no throwing phones please. They hurt.”


They really do!” Sawyer pointed to his eye dramatically. A bruise was forming slowly, but it was still there.


The nice woman who threw it, we will not name names, your phone will be at the food and beverage cart a few minutes after the break has started. The rest of you, no matter how much you enjoy the next song please no throwing things during or after when we are on break. You may hit the very conscientious Drew who will be overseeing the set change.”


About ten minutes later her boyfriend was skipping into the backstage lounge like a prize show dog who knew exactly how special and pampered he was.


You seem awfully happy from getting hit in the head with a phone,” She smiled up at him from the couch.


The note compared him to a Greek god,” Henry smirked as he followed Sawyer in.


Well-” Sawyer started.


If you finish that sentence I will not kiss you better,” Willow cut him off.


Fine,” he leaned down and pointed to his cheek but swung around and caught her lips at the last moment.




I’m still here,” Henry pointed out as he took the lounge chair beside the couch.


In that case-”


No, Sawyer,” she said, leaning back on the couch.


Not even a little?”




I only have five minutes left,” he pouted as he sat down beside her.


So if you pass out after this do I get to have a nap tonight?”


Still here!” Henry stuck out his tongue in mock disgust.


Yeah, because you didn’t text me about whether Lily Donavan really liked that thing you did last week or if she was lying, and then described it in great detail,” Willow retorted.




You text my girlfriend about dirty things you do with yours?!” Sawyer had suddenly stopped pouting.


Do you have a problem because it’s your girlfriend or because I didn’t tell you about it first?” Henry asked sarcastically.


Both, obviously.”


Of course.”


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