The Trash Bin of Cliches

This is a series of shorts about the life of established author, Willow Parker.

Whilst living in London with her best friend Kennedy, Willow gets writer's block. Something she deals with by getting, what was supposed to be a temp job, at The Agency: a company that is invested in a bunch of media industry fields. While helping out with a photo shoot Willow meets one of the world's most coveted bachelors, Sawyer Huntington, one of the boys from the internationally popular group Once Upon.

Thanks to one of her new model friends, Yvonne, Sawyer gets his hooks into her and she wakes up after a night of partying with someone else's boxers on. After that it's one thing after another, starting again when Once Upon books their new music video shoot with The Agency. When she is mistaken for an extra and Sawyer picks her to play the opposing role in his scene, sparks fly, now all Willow has to do is try not to catch fire.


8. Doubts and Undoubts: January 28th 2012


An auburn tendril escapes from the messy bun she puts her hair up in when she’s thinking too much and can’t be bothered with hair falling into her face. He woke up without her and felt a sudden thud, maybe he’d been dreaming she was lost, he knows he hadn’t though; this isn’t the first time Sawyer has gone to bed with Willow to wake up and she’s gone. This isn’t the first time he’s been shaken by it either, feeling like she’s a dream, because of course only dream him would give up tons of consenting fans who worship shag him and beautiful models that know the policy of when it’s time to leave and never call again, for a best selling author who… he can’t even find the words to describe how she is. Maybe that’s why whenever he’s both singing and thinking about her his voice becomes a melody of hums.   

She’s in his flat’s kitchen, making what seems to be French toast, and there’s also a faint smell of chocolate. Her face is creased in concentration as she dips bread into a bowl and places it into a frying pan looking half scared of the sizzling and popping noises when the bread lands. The kitchen is a mess but all he can see is her, that she’s there, in his actual reality. He doesn’t know what to expect; not about the cooking, the French toast is either going to catch fire or be anywhere from alright tasting to delicious. Willow Parker is a real person, she’s his girlfriend. As he thinks of it he gets goose-bumps, ones he can’t yet tell are from dread or the butterflies he gets whenever he thinks he sees her and it turns out to actually be her.   

Will still hasn’t noticed him when he starts to calculate the chance she will burn herself if he makes his presence known when she’s that close to the stove. Then she turns and puts the two finished French toast pieces on a plate he couldn’t see for her body in, what he just realized is, one of his white t-shirts. After she turns the stove off he watches her take the plate across the room to his dining table where whipped cream, sprinkles, caramel, chocolate, and maple syrup are already set up with a pot of tea and some orange juice. He swallows, figuring out that the chocolate smell was from a fondue pot also set up on the table with an assortment of fruit. She’s damn near perfect, and she’s his, completely his; he makes his move as she goes to the sink and starts washing her hands, wrapping his arms around her waist he kisses her neck.  

“Will,” he nuzzles her.  

“Sawyer,” he feels her mouth form a smile against the side of his head and her hands cover his. “Want to eat now?”  

“Yeah.” Is all he can say. Well, what else can he say? She slips out of his arms and goes to sit at the table. The front of his body feeling cold at her leave, nothing else to do he follows her.  

“Not to be weird, but is something on your mind?” She asks with an eyebrow raised as she pours herself some tea and offers him some. He shakes his head and gestures for the orange juice.  

“Just thinking about everything.” He watches her face slightly fall before she catches it.   

“Alright.” She replies with a half smile as she starts to load her plate. “I wasn’t sure what you wanted for breakfast so I made French toast and fondue, because that’s what I wanted.”  

He remembers what Kennedy said the first time she walked in and he was making breakfast. “Just a warning Sawyer, Willow is not a big fan of eggs, at all, unless they are in something. In fact she generally doesn’t like breakfast unless she’s in a really good mood when she wakes up. Since you already have the eggs cooking, she does like breakfast burritos.” Willow had made him breakfast, and as she ate now she looked out the window, she’d taken her hair out of the bun at some point when he was thinking. It was ruffled and out of place, somehow she looked even better than before. As she sipped her tea she caught his stare.  


“Right, sorry.” He looked down to his half eaten toast and what remained of his chocolate covered banana, he knew he was blushing.  

“Seriously, if something is up, I would like to know.”  

“It’s nothing, you look-”  

“No, don’t finish that sentence, I feel like it’s a lie.” She laughed, “If you’re not comfortable with telling me I’m not going to force you. I just hope there’s nothing wrong with the food.”  

“The food is amazing Will, I don’t know what I’m thinking right now.” Wrong and right thing to say. Her smile is fake, and she blinks a few times before excusing herself from the table. He catches her arm, “Will, do you really have to go or is it just an excuse to get away.” She takes a deep breath and looks at him.  

“I don’t know what’s going on under that huge mane of hair you have, it’s fine, but it’s making me nervous.”  

“I’ll tell you but it won’t make sense,” she blinks at him, waiting, he inhales, “today I woke up without you and I got this weird feeling, like maybe I dreamed you.”  

“Weird dream girl to have,” she smirks.    “The best dream girl to have,” he pulls her onto his lap, “Will, you knew me before and you let me run free, then you don’t even pressure me, in fact you did the opposite of pressure me when we made the decision of making us a thing.”  

“We made the decision? You said you had a girlfriend on a radio show, I was half serious when I asked whether this was your way of dumping me.” She shakes her head and gives him a peck on the lips.   “Seriously?” He shakes his head, “Not the point. I was just thinking of how much has changed in the last few months,” she swallows, and he caresses her cheek, gently pushing her face closer to his, “And that I like it, I feel like I shouldn’t because it’s almost uncomfortable how alright I am with only being with you after being the press playboy, and actual playboy at times, for the most recent years of my life.”  

“You’ve been thinking about how normally you should be thinking of how to get away from me right now-”  

“But all I want to do is stay,” she raises an eyebrow, “With you, if that wasn’t clear enough.”  

“Okay then, Sawyer I’m not about to kick you out of my life and I can’t really stop you from whatever you decide to do.”  

“See you need to stop saying that!”  


“Don’t play dumb with me, I know what you do. I am not going anywhere, you are good enough, you are a brilliant sexy woman. You are my brilliant sexy woman.” She opens her mouth and he flicks her on the nose.  

“Ow! What was that for?!”  

“You were about to call me a mean name for telling you the truth, I stopped you.”  

“Oh really?” She goes in to flick him on the nose back and he grabs her wrists and places them around his neck.  

“Yes, now we’ll have none of that. Sawyer does not want his girlfriend to ruin his dining table the way she temporarily destroyed his kitchen.”

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