The Trash Bin of Cliches

This is a series of shorts about the life of established author, Willow Parker.

Whilst living in London with her best friend Kennedy, Willow gets writer's block. Something she deals with by getting, what was supposed to be a temp job, at The Agency: a company that is invested in a bunch of media industry fields. While helping out with a photo shoot Willow meets one of the world's most coveted bachelors, Sawyer Huntington, one of the boys from the internationally popular group Once Upon.

Thanks to one of her new model friends, Yvonne, Sawyer gets his hooks into her and she wakes up after a night of partying with someone else's boxers on. After that it's one thing after another, starting again when Once Upon books their new music video shoot with The Agency. When she is mistaken for an extra and Sawyer picks her to play the opposing role in his scene, sparks fly, now all Willow has to do is try not to catch fire.


4. Conversing of Decisions: 15th October 2011

I was experimenting with a form of writing that just has dialect in this chapter. This is the discussion between Rachelle and Sawyer after Willow left in Every Story Has a Start:


“What? I don’t understand how that is any of your business.”  

“You like her Sawyer.”  

“Of course I like her, who wouldn’t?”  

“Yeah, that’s right, who wouldn’t?”  

“You’re trying to nudge at something here, it’s annoying, so out with it.”  

“Are you playing her or are you serious?”  

“I don’t see how that is any of your business.”  

“Stop being a prick.”  

“Stop trying to rush me into a decision.”  

“I’m not trying to rush you. I’m just saying, you both have history.”  

“Everyone has history.”  

“'K, let me put this into simpler matters-”  

“I would really rather you didn’t and we just got on with the day.”   

“Sawyer, you really think you’re headed down a good path with her? If you say yes, be sure about it.”   “You think that since she has your stamp of approval I should just hop on the commitment train with her?”   “You talk like that around her and she still hooks up with you?”  

“Like what? What’s wrong with the way I talk?”  

“I know what you’re trying to pull and it may have worked on management but it’s not going to fly right now.”  

“You know Will, she’s fine with the way things are, as am I.”  

“And that’s all well and good, but very fit adorable Will is going to start putting up her defences soon. Meaning with the distance you have you‘re out the door, it‘s fine if you want to take things slow. Just you care about her a lot more than you‘re letting on right now-”  

“You don’t know everything Rache.”  

“I’m fairly sure the people who don’t see the way you look at her are blind. You haven’t even slept with her yet.”  

“I don’t sleep with everyone I meet.”  

“I’ve seen you chat up a fan in less than ten minutes and have her at your room within that same hour. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, you have options, I’m not going to judge because you sin differently than I do. I’m just saying there is a reason you haven’t slept with Will yet.”  

“Because it would ruin everything and she would think I was a creep.”  

“How would it ruin everything?”  

“You know her, the way she is, she would freak out and then we would be less than friends.”  

“You have more friends.”  

“Henry and you would feel like you had to choose a side.”  

“Henry maybe, but I’m fairly sure he’s a big boy, and you’re just using both of us as an excuse.”  

“I like her, she’s more than just a shag.”  

“Yeah because you haven’t done shit with her, for god sakes the worst you’ve done is grope her.”  


“I’m not finished, I don’t know how you can sense how she is, but you’ve taken things slow on purpose. Will is like that little bunny you go slowly towards because you don’t want it to run away, one wrong step and it’s gone before you can even blink. You’ve been practically celibate with her, it’s weirding me the fuck out.”  

“So you’re saying I should make a move because me not shagging our friend is making you uncomfortable.”  

“Sort of. Sawyer if you didn’t want to have this conversation you would have dropped it, you’ve done it before. However, if it really makes you that uncomfortable just answer me this: Are you heading somewhere with this girl or not?”  


“Yes what?”  

“Just yes.”   

“You difficult twat.”  

“I answered you.”  

“If you are going to break her off, just do it gently.”  

“Rache, I think we are far past the point of fucking and chucking. If I was to do that then I would probably show up at her doorstep drunk and apologetic.”  

“Sawyer, I don’t know what the look on your face is for, but it’s-”  

“I was just thinking about it.”  

“Thinking about what?”  

“The possibilities, I didn’t expect it to be that hard to imagine a life where Willow Parker doesn’t speak to me anymore.”   

“Are you saying what I think you are?”  

“I’m not sure what I’m saying, but as of right now we are going to pick up Max. Remind me to knock first though, Ellie got here early this morning.”  

“Ew, I mean she’s great, but eew.”  

“I know.”  

“Maybe you shouldn’t shag her.”  


“Will, maybe you shouldn’t.”  

“You were just taunting me for not making a move for 3 months.”  

“Yeah, but this way I can say I’ve seen the girl you fancy naked and you haven’t. My, my, you won’t be disappointed.”  

“That’s not fair!”  

“I think it is, no straight answer as to whether you want to challenge Will’s commitment issues head on, this is a suitable tactic. You’re going to love the place where she has a heart shaped mole.”  

“You’ve inspected her body that close have you?”  

“Prick, I was there when she discovered it and yelled excitedly. She’s not exactly a quiet person when in well known company.”  


“Thinking about it again?”  


“You get this weird forlorn expression on your face, very sad, I think I know what you mean now.”  

“I very much doubt that.”  

“Alright, but if you have that face just from imagining life without her just think of how you would be if she actually cut off contact with you.”  

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