Picture Perfect

Hannah had been running since her 17th birthday, always looking around corners and hiding her scars. She moved to London, hoping to start a new life, trying to forget about Josh, with dreams of becoming a photographer. Soon a new boy steps into her life. Can she trust him? Will she trust him? What will happen when her mysterious past catches up with her? This fanfiction is laced with drama and romance and a lot of mystery as Hannah learns that you can't always run from your past.


4. The Photoshoot and a Movie Night

Hannah's POV:
I watched the photo shoot from the corner of the room. Mr.McDaniels couldn't seem to get a realistic smile from the boys and was becoming exasperated. I looked over at our props an had an idea. I moved slowly behind my bosses back an made my way to the table containing our props. I made sure the boys weren't looking and then grabbed an assortment of silly objects: a purple feather boa, a pair of gigantic yellow star-shaped sunglasses, and a hat that looked exactly like the one pictured in Dr. Seuss' "Cat and the Hat". I fought hard to contain a giggle as I carried my goodies into the dressing room. I told Amanda my plan and then began to search through the racks of clothes. I found the perfect outfit. I wiggled into a pair of blue and white striped skinny jeans and a hot pink flowered top. When I turned around Amanda looked quite similar, but instead of props, she had done hair and makeup to look like Snooki. I laughed out loud. I couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces..

Niall's POV:

I could tell that Mr. McDaniels was getting frustrated. Usually, it wasn't a problem getting us to laugh and smile, but for some reason today just wasn't the same. Especially for Harry, Taylor had broken up with him and he seemed kind of upset, not too bad, just wasn't his normal cheeky self. It kind of brought all of our moods down when he was upset, we hated to see him like that. I jerked my head up when I heard the boys stifle a giggle. I searched the room and found Hannah and Amanda dressed in tacky outfits. Hannah lifted a finger to her lips, shushing us. They began to dance, doing the tango and spinning each other around. The boys and I couldn't help but smile, laughing and giggling.

Hannah's POV:
Amanda and I sauntered into the room, shushing the boys so Mr. McDaniels wouldn't know we were behind him. We began to dance, moving in the most awkward way possible. Soon the boys couldn't contain their laughter. I stifled a giggle and tripped over my own feet. My clumsiness strikes again. I fall over onto Amanda and we end up as a pile on the floor. Mr. McDaniels turns his attention from snapping shots of the boys to the floor behind him where we lay. He turned the camera and snapped a quick photo, laughing with the rest of us. After a long day full of food fights and silly pictures I headed home to our apartment. I ended up inviting the boys and Amanda out for a movie night later that afternoon. I took the stairs to the fifth floor unlocked the apartment and tossed my keys into the bowl by the door. I hung up my coat and began straightening the apartment. After I was done I texted Tessa, warning her we were going to have company. She seemed excited and said she'd pick up dinner on her way home. I changed into my sweats and another cheer sweatshirt and plopped down on the couch, waiting for everyone to arrive. I checked my Instagram, twitter, tumblr, even my Facebook, trying to waste time. Finally I settled on Pinterest until there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Amanda, wearing fashionable PJs and matching slippers. I laughed, realizing that for her, everything is a fashion show. I invited her in and not two seconds after we had settled on the couch, there was another knock. I opened the door to find all of the boys in onesies, huge smiles on their faces and grocery bags in their hands. I giggled at their outfits and motioned for them to come in. They put their bags on the kitchen counter and turned to face me.
"Tessa should be here any minute with pizza and drinks." I said, showing them to living room. We chatted for a while, until Tessa arrived. I put in the first movie after we finished our pizza. By the third film we were munching on the snacks the boys brought and talking, the movie left forgotten on the screen. When the conversation died down Louis screamed, "LET'S PLAY A GAME!" nearly busting my eardrums.
"What game should we play?" Shot Amanda, unfazed by the use of his outdoor voice.
"Hide and Seek!" Harry suggested.
We all agreed, feeling like little kids again.
"Not it!" I screamed. My declaration was followed by others, the last being Liam. We all laughed as he counted to 50, running to find the best places to conceal ourselves. By the time Liam was at 48 I was frantic and slipped into the broom closet. Not the most ideal place, being small, dark, and obvious, but it would do. I slid down the wall and let my eyes adjust to the dark. "Ready or not, here I come!" I heard Liam shout. I looked up to find another pair of eyes. I almost screamed flashing back to that night with Josh, but my breathing slowed when I realized it was Niall.
"You scared the shit out of me!" he whisper yelled.
"Gee, sorry, 'cause I wasn't scared at all.." I replied sarcastically. We giggled and I realized just how close we were. I was sitting between his legs, my knees bent, feet on either side of his torso. Our faces merely inches apart. I felt as though they were becoming closer, him leaning in as if to kiss me, when suddenly we were bathed in light, the closet door pulled open to reveal a smiling Liam.
"Found you!" He exclaimed, clearly proud of himself. I tried my best not to make it awkward when getting up, but untangling myself from Niall proved to be harder than I thought. Liam seemed unfazed by the situation grinning at his accomplishment of finding us. I grabbed onto the shelf above my head, pulling myself up. I stepped into the hallway an reached out a hand to Niall and helped him up. Had he felt what I did in the closet? The butterflies in my tummy, and my heart racing. Did he notice my hands were sweaty from nervousness? Was he even really going to kiss me? These questions all ran through my head as we followed Liam around the house, assisting him in finding the others. Every now and then I notices Niall glancing at me. Maybe he had felt it too..
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