Picture Perfect

Hannah had been running since her 17th birthday, always looking around corners and hiding her scars. She moved to London, hoping to start a new life, trying to forget about Josh, with dreams of becoming a photographer. Soon a new boy steps into her life. Can she trust him? Will she trust him? What will happen when her mysterious past catches up with her? This fanfiction is laced with drama and romance and a lot of mystery as Hannah learns that you can't always run from your past.


2. Meeting the Boys

My lips are sealed." I stated, pulling an imaginary zipper across my mouth. He chuckled and replied, "One Direction."
My mind went crazy. One Direction was my favorite band! I was snapped back to reality when the bell above the door rang out, signaling that a client had entered. I looked up and my eyes met with a beautiful pair of blues. My mouth must have still been agape, because I heard a thick Irish accent chuckle "You better close your mouth or you'll catch flies." I let out a giggle at the silly comment and pulled the corners of my mouth into a smile.
"Welcome, boys!" Mr. McDaniels greeted the band. Then he turned to me. "This is Hannah, she will be helping you boys out today," he said. "Getting refreshments and helping with the shoot." I nodded my head in acknowledgement. "Hi," I smiled cheerfully. In return I heard a chorus of "hellos" spilling from the five boys' mouths.
"Hannah, please show the boys to the green room, where they can wait for Amanda." Mr. McDaniels turned to the boys. "Sorry for the inconvenience, our stylist is alway 'fashionably late'" he said emphasizing "fashionably late" with air quotes. As if on cue Amanda burst through the front door, smiling ear to ear, holding a large frappe in one hand and a few bags in the other.
"Sorry I'm late," she gushed. "It took longer than I thought to do my hair, you know, this doesn't occur by magic." She said, gesturing up and down her body. I laughed and took a few of the bags out of her hands.
"Right this way boys," I said motioning down the small hallway that led to the Green Room. They walked in front, me close on their tail. "The next door on the right." I told them. Once they were settled I took Amanda's bags to the dressing rooms.
"There you are!" She sang. "I thought you might have been making out with those boys, they are awfully cute." She winked. I rolled my eyes and set down her bags, giggling at her comment.
"Your so stupid." I teased. She held up her hands in a "so what" gesture.
"I can't help it," she shrugged, laughing along with me. I had to admit, I liked Amanda. She was one of the few friends I had made since moving to London and I really trusted her. I hadn't told her about Josh yet, but the subject had never really come up. I planned on telling her someday, so she knew how much I trusted her, and that I valued out friendship. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud thud coming from the direction if the Green Room. Wide eyed Amanda and I made our way quickly to the room the sound emerged from. We opened the door to find four teenage boys in a complete laughing fit and a fifth on the floor rubbing his head. I reached out my hand and helped Niall to his feet. He blushed, obviously embarrassed.
"What happened?" I asked, slightly giggling at the sight in front of me.
"Niall. Slipped." Harry spat out between fits of laughter. I guess you had to have been there, because it didn't seem all that funny to me.
"Are you alright?" I asked Niall, who's cheeks were now a bright shade of red.
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