Picture Perfect

Hannah had been running since her 17th birthday, always looking around corners and hiding her scars. She moved to London, hoping to start a new life, trying to forget about Josh, with dreams of becoming a photographer. Soon a new boy steps into her life. Can she trust him? Will she trust him? What will happen when her mysterious past catches up with her? This fanfiction is laced with drama and romance and a lot of mystery as Hannah learns that you can't always run from your past.


3. Hannah's Bum

Niall's POV:
I was talking to the boys, all of them gushing over how attractive our stylist was. I had to admit, Amanda was very fit.. I felt eyes on me and I turned to see the boys staring.
"What?" I asked.
"Whatcha thinkin' bout Ni?" Liam asked me.
"Our stylist.." I blushed. The boys laughed and then shifted the conversation to the other girl, Hannah. She seemed fit as well. Once again I lost my train of thought as I heard my name. "Huh?" I said
"Don't you think Hannah has a nice bum?" Louis asked.
"How would I know?" I asked blushing, obviously I had been caught.
"Please Niall!" Zayn said. "We all saw you staring at her bum!"
"I don't know what your talking about.." I replied sarcastically, walking across the room. I took another step toward the couch and slipped on the rug. I fell straight on my arse and the boys cracked up laughing.
"A little distracted by thought of Hannah's bum?" Harry asked in fits of laughter. I blushed like a mad man, because that had been the case. I began to rub my head where I hit it on the floor an not a second later Hannah and Amanda burst through the door. "What happened?" Hannah asked after reaching down to help me up. I blushed, not wanting to tell her that it was herself that distracted me and caused my accident.
"Niall. Slipped." Harry spat out through his laughter.
"Thank god," I thought. "He isn't going to tell her that we were talking about her bum." I was startled out of my thoughts by Hannah asking if I was okay. I nodded, still embarrassed. At that moment Mr. McDaniels came thought the doors and told Amanda to get us ready for the shoot. We followed her into what must have been dressing rooms. Handing us each and outfit, she motioned toward the stalls, telling us to change. By the time I came out the other boys were waiting to get their hair fixed. I watched as Hannah expertly tied Liam's tie, then I glanced over to where Amanda was fixing Harry's hair. He seemed to have a cowlick that she simply couldn't tame. I laughed as I watched her layer on more an more hairspray, attempting to get the small hairs to stay put. She eventually got it and started on Zayn's hair, warning Harry not to touch a single hair on his head or she'd kill him. I smiled. These girls seemed nice. I hoped to become good friends with them.
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