Picture Perfect

Hannah had been running since her 17th birthday, always looking around corners and hiding her scars. She moved to London, hoping to start a new life, trying to forget about Josh, with dreams of becoming a photographer. Soon a new boy steps into her life. Can she trust him? Will she trust him? What will happen when her mysterious past catches up with her? This fanfiction is laced with drama and romance and a lot of mystery as Hannah learns that you can't always run from your past.


1. The Begining

I woke with a start. My hands trembling, my breath shaky. My reoccurring nightmare had hit me again, making him ever present in my life. I tried as hard as I could to remove every thought of the vile boy from my head, but he still haunted me in my dreams.
I glanced over at the clock, 3:30 am.. Looks as though I was going to have yet another sleepless night. I dragged myself out of bed and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom, careful not to wake my roommate, Tessa. I flicked on the bathroom light and watched as the room became bathed in a dim glow. I managed to avoid my reflection in the mirror, willing myself not to look. I knew a peek in the reflective glass would reveal the long scar across my stomach, beginning just below the bottom of my sports bra and ending next to my pierced belly button. I only ever allowed my stomach to be seen at home, knowing that questions would be asked elsewhere. I lazily brushed my teeth and pulled my hair into a messy bun, revealing the dragonfly tattoo on my right shoulder. The temperature was rather different from under the warmth of my covers, so I grabbed my favorite sweatshirt on my way to the living room of our small apartment. I reached for the remote and flopped onto the couch, turning the volume low so Tessa wouldn't be bothered. I channel surfed for what seemed like forever til I managed to find an enjoyable show. I chuckled to myself as the Big Bang Theory's theme song came on, singing every word in my head. After watching rerun after rerun it was finally time to get ready for work. I forced myself off of the comfortable couch and headed back to the bathroom. After showering I blow dried my long blonde hair and pulled it back up into a messy pile atop my head. Then I began with makeup, foundation and mascara, all I ever wore. I had no one to impress and I certainly didn't want to attract attention. I skipped down the hall to my room, feeling better after my refreshing shower. I pulled open my closet and searched the hangers for the appropriate outfit. I went with my usual, skinny jeans and uggs. I glanced through my shirts before pulling down an oversized Americheer sweatshirt I had gotten during my years as a cheerleader. I yanked it over my head and shuffled back to my room. I checked my phone, then unplugged it and threw it into my purse. I woke Tessa and then headed off to work. I hopped into the car and started the ignition, Titanium by David Guetta blasted through my speakers. I sang along, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the busy London street. I worked downtown at a Photography business. As of now I was a receptionist, but one day I hoped to become a photographer. I heard that today one of the main photographers was retiring and I was filled with excitement at the thought of replacing him. He was a pleasant old man with tufts of gray hair protruding from under the ball cap he wore everyday. He had large brown eyes and wore thick rimmed glasses, and although his ears were large for his head, they looked just right on him. I had a strong bond with him. He had once found me crying in the supply closet, I was sure I had seen Josh and had hidden there as a precaution. When he asked what was wrong my brain seemed to go blank and my mouth took over. I spilled everything to him, my entire life story. He didn't look at me with pity in his eyes like everyone else did. He simply stated that "life must go on". I don't know why, but his words comforted me. Ever since, we had an unspoken ritual of having lunch together in the break room. I told him of my dreams to become a photographer and he insisted on seeing some if my photos. He would never know it, but he boosted my confidence through the roof just by telling me I had potential. I hoped that he would suggest me for the job opening. I parked my red Volkswagon Beetle on Main Street and hauled myself out of the warmth of the car. I reached into the backseat pulling out my purse. I locked the car and headed into the little brick shop.
"Hello Mr. McDaniels." I waved to my boss.
"Morning, Hannah."
I walked over to my desk and dropped my purse to the floor, plopping myself into the large swiveling chair. I turned on the desktop computer and logged in. While clicking on the schedule icon I struck up a conversation with Mr. McDaniels, "So," I said breaking the silence, " I heard that Mr. Allen was retiring."
"Yes?" He replied seemingly surprised by my sudden comment.
"Have you found a replacement?" I asked, hopeful that he would say no.
"Yes," he said, "we believe we have."
I frowned. I knew it wouldn't happen, but still I had let that little gleam of hope in the back if my mind grow. I was devastated, disappointed in myself for getting too eager.
"Oh," I stated blankly, "well that's wonderful.." I trailed off.
"Actually," he said, "we were hoping you would give photography a try. We can't afford to hire another person, but we would pay you more than your current salary if you would do both jobs, receptionist and photographer.."
I couldn't believe my ears. My mouth formed a huge smile and I jumped up to hug him.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I squealed unable to hold back my excitement. "I promise you won't regret it!" I gushed.
Just at that moment Mr. Allen hobbled into the room.
"I'm guessing you heard the news!" He said, taking in the scene before him. I peeled myself away from Mr. McDaniels and ran into his open arms. I knew that this had to be partially his work. It wouldn't have happened without him.
"Don't let me down." He whispered in my ear pulling away. I nodded and turned to my boss.
"So, when do I start?" I asked, eager to get my hands on a camera.
"Today we have a very important shoot for the cover of a bands CD, so I'm thinking maybe tomorrow? We'll need you to run errands today, getting refreshments for the clients and such." he said. I nodded knowing the importance the shoot had to have. I had been waiting years for this opportunity, one more day wouldn't kill me.
"Of course," I replied. "Might I ask what band?" I questioned.
"Well, we don't want any of their fans to find out, that would be an inconvenience," he started, "but I'm sure you won't tell anyone?"
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