My Perfect Valentine?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is he the one? Why me? These are some of the questions I ask myself everyday. Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't have a Valentine. Why? I have no idea. But...I will tell you a long story short version of a year I actually had a valentine.
My name is Rachel, and this is my story.


4. Of Course

'I was thinking about you and me actually being together.'
We smiled at each other and continued to each the nachos.  I turned to him and picked up a corn chip.
'Open up.'
'Open your mouth!'
He opened his mouth and I placed the chip on his tongue.  He started mastercating the chip, staring at me the whole time.
'You're so beautiful.'
I smiled. 'Thanks.'
'No, you really are, I can't believe I spent all my time with other girls when I had someone like you here this whole time infront of me.'
'Well your my best friend, I'm always gonna be here.'
'And I love you for that.'
'Naww I love you too!'
He had a serious face for a while, then he eventually smiled.
'Can I ask you something?'
'Yes Payneful?'
He smiled.
'Will you accompany me on Valentine's Day?'
'Do you mean like, hand with you and the guys.'
'Yes, but no.'
'Will you BE my Valentine?'
I smiled. I couldn't say no.
'Of course.'

*Author's Note*
Sorry for the short chapter, I'm just trying to update on all my Movellas.  Hopefully this will keep you occupied till next Sunday. :) And incase you didn't know, 'mastercating' means chewing, so don't go thinkin' dirty stuff ha ha. I felt like bein' all cool and using words that are way too smart for me. :) Laters xo.


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