My Perfect Valentine?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is he the one? Why me? These are some of the questions I ask myself everyday. Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't have a Valentine. Why? I have no idea. But...I will tell you a long story short version of a year I actually had a valentine.
My name is Rachel, and this is my story.


5. My First Day With My First Valentine. What...Could...Happen?

*3 days to go*

Well, it was the next day and all that was running through my head was 'Will you be my Valentine?', 'Will you be my Valentine?'.  At that moment everything felt like I was dreaming. Did Liam really ask me?
When I eventually got to school, everyone just stared at me.  I've getting that a lot lately so I just ignored it, thought it was nothing. Until, I walked passed Danielle.  That's my day gone.  I tried not to make eye contact but when a bitch's ex-boyfriend has just asked you to be his Valentine, you won't go unoticed. So here it goes. Danielle followed me and started to talk to me, actually 'talk' to me. Wait, I had to write it down.
'Is it true?'
'Is what true?'
'That you're dating my boyfriend?'
'What happened to your 'trail' break up?'
'He told you that!?'
'He's my best friend, he tells me everything.'
'Oh I bet he didn't tell you we are back together.'
She smirked at me. I looked at the ground.
'No. No he didn't.'
'Oh, some best friend.'
''Yeah well, seeing as now you two are gonna unfriend, stay the hell away from him!'
She shoved me and walked back to her group.
What? Liam and Danielle are back together? Why didn't he tell me? Erghh I feel sick now. I just want to dig a hole and die. I got out my phone and thought about texting Liam, I hesetated over the message button, but decided not to. I'll just get through today, then go home, I don't have to deal with anyone there.  Thinking about that made me relax a little. Only a little.


"What would you do if I told you that I la la la la loved you?
What would you do if I said it tonight?
What would you do if I told you that I la la la la loved you?
Cause you know I la la la lie."

I loved this song, and it made the walk home, so much faster, I wanted it that way. When I got home, I was so relieved. Noow I have the rest of the afternoon to think about what happened. Well, my first day with my first Valentine, what could happen? That's what could happen.

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