My Perfect Valentine?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is he the one? Why me? These are some of the questions I ask myself everyday. Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't have a Valentine. Why? I have no idea. But...I will tell you a long story short version of a year I actually had a valentine.
My name is Rachel, and this is my story.


6. Forgiveness (Part 1)


I put my ipod onto the docking station and turned it up to max. I jumped on my bed and smothered my face in my pillow. The music was getting lower and lower as I could feel sleep consuming me. I'm disappointed in him.


*2 days to go*

I finally opened my eyes again and checked the time. 9:01 a.m. Hmm, school's already started. I should be freaking out but I don't think school's worth going to. I rolled onto my stomach an dlooked at my phone for any messages. I was in luck. I had 3 missed calls and 5 messages from Liam and 2, from Kristy.


Message Recieved Thursday 11.02 4:02 p.m
Rachel, we need to talk

Message Recieved Thursday 11.02 4:14 p.m
Please , Rach are you ok?

Message Recieved Thursday 11.02 4:37 p.m
Can i come over 2 see you now?

Message Recieved Thursday 11.02 5:03 p.m
I guess not :(

Message Recieved Thursday 11.02 5:11 p.m
Look out your window :)


Message Recieved Thursday 11.02 3:30 p.m
Hey babe, I heard, are you ok? Do you need an ice-cream sesh?

Message Recieved Friday 12.02 8:45 a.m
U comin' today? xx

I read over the messages a couple times before I realised something. 'Look out your window :)'. . .Look out my window? I sighed and managed to get up without falling over my two left feet. I looked in my frontyard to see a small, blue box. It was starting to sprinkle so I quickly got my jacket, ran out the house and in my fronotyard. I stopped at the puddle starting to surround the box. I slowly leant down and picked it up. I flicked the water droplets on the lid, off, and read what it said.
I slowly smiled. He hasn't called me CC in years...since we were little. I turned around to walk inside but was stopped by a familiar figure. Liam. I looked up as water drops were hanging on the ends of my eyelashes. He looked down at the box, then at me.
'Have you opened it yet?'
'Uhh, no. I was gonna wai--'
'Open it now...please.'
'Alrighty then.'
I lifted the lid off and found some things that would cheer up anyone's day. There was a packet of grated cheese, swirled. This is Liam's homemade grated cheese, he loved to twist the cheese while grating it so it was swirly. A jar of mild salsa, he knows I hate spicy food and a packet of CC corn chips. That's how I got my nickname.

'Why don't we just get this one?'
'No. I want those.
I pointed to the CC corn chips, looked at Liam and gave him puppy dog eyes. He sighed.
'You really want them?'
He grabbed the packet and I hugged him.
'You're the best,'
'Thanks CC.'

I looked up at Liam.
'Thank you.'
'CC, you have to believe me.'
'Believe what? That you and Danielle aren't dating?'
'I--I don't know.'

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