My Perfect Valentine?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Is he the one? Why me? These are some of the questions I ask myself everyday. Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't have a Valentine. Why? I have no idea. But...I will tell you a long story short version of a year I actually had a valentine.
My name is Rachel, and this is my story.


3. Arvo Lunch With Liam

Wooh, school had finally finsihed and I was heading home.  I walked a bit faster than I usually do cause I needed to shop for my mum.  I was half way through 'Always Attract' by You Me At Six when I got a tug on my shirt.  A panting Liam pulled my shirt again revealing my bra strap.  I stopped and pulled out my left head phone.  It was obvious that he had been running.
'What's up?'
In between puffs of breath, he said, 'Why are you walking so fast?'
'Oh, soz, I needed to get shopping for mum, I wanted to get the before the shops closed.'
He sighed in relief.
'I thought you were trying to get away from me.'
'Why would I do that?'
'Rememeber? Our convo this morning?'
I looked down at my shoes, then realised my shoelaces were becoming loose.
I bent down and tied them up and decided I would put my ipod away cause I would be tslking to Liam anyway.  I stopped my music and wrapped my head phones around ipod.
'What were you listening to?'
'You me at six.'
'You me at six? I didn't know you liked them?'
'Yeah, I told you, you just don't remember.'
I smiled as he punched me in the arm.  He started to grab my hand and entwined his fingers.
'What are you doing?'
'Can't I hold my best friend's hand?'
'Won't people think--'
'Think what?'
'I don't know, just think.'
We both sighed unison.
'Can I come with you to the shops?'
'Why? You hate shopping?'
'I'm not doing anything else, and Danielle said she was gonnna call me this arvo, and I want to avoid that. Really.'
'Oh ok, yeah sure, you can hold the basket for me.'
'Why can't you hold it?'
He shoved me, but I didn't moved much cause his hand kept me stable.
'Cause my weak and old hands can't possibly hold that mean heavy basket full of food that you could come to mine and eat.'
We both laughed and continued hand in hand.


'Twelve fifty.'
I gave the cashier person the money and walked out of the air conditioned building cutting into the hot, summer air.
'So, you still want me to come to yours?'
'Yeah of course.'
'What will we eat?'
'Pfft, I don't know, maybe--'
When we got to my house, Liam made his way to my bedroom, and layed straight onto my bed, making himself at home.  I walked into kitchen and put the shopping goods into the appropriate cupboard.  I heard music start to play from my bedroom, assuming Liam had turned the stereo on.  I pulled a plate out of the cupboard, poured cornchips, salsa and cheese on it an into the microwave.  I walked back to my room to find Liam standing in the middle of my room with a single rose.  'Little Things' was playing. (Pretend that another band sings it, but sounds the same).  I ran up to him and hugged him, he spun me around till we both fell onto the bed.
'Thank you, you're the best friend ever!'
'Only you.'
I heard the microwave beeping so I crawled off Liam and ran down the hall, to the kitchen.

Liam's POV
She's my best friend, she has been since I can remember.  And I love her.

I walked back into my room to find Liam still lying on my bed with his thinking face on.  I placed the plate of nachos on his stomach which made him jump.
'Holy shit!'
I giggled.
'What were you thinking about?'
'Uh--nothin' really.'
'No, tell me.'
'Nah it was nothing!'
'Bull, tell me tell me!'

Liam's POV
I took a deep breath and decided to take a risk.
'You and me together.'

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