Not My Summer Love But My Forever Love

My name is Melody Pond I am a girl who lives in a small town . Liam Payne is my next door neighbor and best friend but one night changes my life forever when Liam
and I made love 2 years ago . I haven't seem him since though.


4. The best prank ever

(Melody's pov)


When I woke up I saw that Liam and Taylor weren't there. So I went downstairs and saw them making breakfast ." Go upstairs mommy I am going to make you breakfast in bed don't peek !" Taylor said. "Ok" I replied and went upstairs then I looked on Liam's desk and saw the picture if us the day he left for X-Factor . That day he gave me a locket and I put that picture in it. It was are first picture of us as a family. Then I herd a knock at the door and said come in.  


Liam's pov

I herd a come in so I went in. With a tray filled with breakfast foods of all sorts. There on my bed sat the most beautiful girl in the world Melody Styles.


Melody's pov


After breakfast it was very quiet and no Niall asking for food that was very unusual so I asked     "Where are the boys at"

Liam replied "Recording i already finished so i stayed home with you and Taylor."

"Ok" I siad , then i got a text: Hi its Anne I was wondering if i could that Taylor to Chuck E Cheeses with some of my friend and there grandkids? sure i replied . Then i asked Liam if he would help me help Taylor to get dressed.  She wore a little pink dress that she got for her birthday. Anne came picked her up and drove away. 

"Liam did you say that falling in love with me was breaking rule #1?"


"Then I have a plan !!" i whispered in his ear what we were gaining to do. I got changed and pretended  to be sleeping in Liams bed with him. I herd Harry and the boys come into Harrys room , they all gasped with shook . Liam and i sprang out of bed and shout them with water guns and the boys screamed like little girls. IT WAS THE BEST PRANK EVER!!!!!!!!!!! 

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