Not My Summer Love But My Forever Love

My name is Melody Pond I am a girl who lives in a small town . Liam Payne is my next door neighbor and best friend but one night changes my life forever when Liam
and I made love 2 years ago . I haven't seem him since though.


3. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Melodys pov

Since my birthday was last night we went to dinner to celebrate my birthday. We went to Nando's because I loved it and so did Niall. I sat at the end of the table because Taylor was in a high-chair. Liam sat next to me and secretly held my hand under the table I missed him so much and hoped that soon Taylor will have a father.

Taylor's pov

Everyone was very quiet so I decided to say something . " did you know that unicorns eat sparkles and poop out rainbow." Everyone looked at me like I was crazy or like mommy says it cra-cra.
I had to go potty so I told mommy and we left.

Melody's pov

We I got back from taking Taylor to the bathroom there was a huge cake with white and pink frosting that said " WELCOME HOME AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!"
With fifty exclamation points at the end. "I made it myself " Harry said. After every one had a slice of cake or in Nialls case ten pieces .

(We are at Harry's place)

We were short a bed so I said that Taylor and I would sleep on the couch, but no Liam had to be difficult and say that he would sleep on the couch. "What's up between you and Liam?" Niall asked
I replied" Nothing we just have been best friends since I was adopted so he is just trying to be nice."

Harry Zayn Louis and Nialls pov

That makes a lot of since

Liam's pov

All of the boys were tired so they went to bed. Taylor Melody and I watched Toy Story. Taylor fell asleep in the middle of the movie so Mel and I put her in my bed . I am so happy I cleaned my room. Then I asked the question I have been dieing to ask " So who is Taylor's father ?"
She replied " you" in a very small voice.

Melody's pov

The question came and I knew it would I answered you in a small voice and then started to cry soft tears . These were tears of happiness not sadness though Liam finally knew he had a daughter and Taylor would know that she had a father for that moment every thing was perfect . I talk Liam about two weeks after he left for X-Factor I found out I was pregnant and all of that stuff I was happy to finally have that off my chest .

Liam's pov

"Ah oh I Just broke rule number one don't fall in love with Melody."
"What" she asked
" Harry gave us rules to follow and that was number one ."


We went upstairs to My room and fell asleep with my arms around her.

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