Not My Summer Love But My Forever Love

My name is Melody Pond I am a girl who lives in a small town . Liam Payne is my next door neighbor and best friend but one night changes my life forever when Liam
and I made love 2 years ago . I haven't seem him since though.


1. Good bye my love ( 2 years earlier )

Melodys pov

I woke up with Liam beside me. Where am I . Oh yeah now I rember Liam and I were at a party and it sorta got outa hand in the end. We're at Charlottes house I need to wake Liam up are parents will be worried . When Liam woke up we got dressed and went home . I wished Liam luck because he was trying out for X-Factor and I wasn't going to see him for a very long time . I will miss him like cra-cra . He is very good and I hope he will win. (5 mouths later) I was pregnant with Liam's child and he was coming home for Christmas and I couldn't wait to see him. Then my parents told me we were moving to London and I thought that they were crazy . I went though and I knew that I would most likely never see Liam again . At least I will have this baby to remind me of him.

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