Stole my heart

On Roni's way to work she bumps into Louis Tomlinson! They become great friends and louis finds that he is falling in love with roni. roni also finds that she is falling for louis. What will happen to their relationship if they ever confess their feelings for each other?


3. Sleepover

Niall had started a pillow fight and I quickly grabbed the pillow that Harry was about to grab."Hey" he pouted. "Sorry" I yelled before smacking him in the face with a pillow. He fell over which made me laugh so hard that I also fell to the ground. Harry suddenly jumped up and stole my pillow. "Unfair" I yelled." He didn't listen and kept smacking me until lou jumped in and yelled "SUPERMAN!!!" That made me laugh even harder than I was already laughing. He took his pillow and started to smack Harry on the butt which caused him to drop his pillow and I quickly grabbed it back. After a while we all got calmed down. WE decided to all watch a movie. Since Liam wouldn't stop begging to watch Toy Story we all finally gave in. They took out the pull out bed from under the sofa and we all managed to lay in it side by side. I was sitting beside Lou and Niall. I snuggled in closer beside Louis and got comfy to watch the movie.About half an hour later I drifted off to sleep.

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