Stole my heart

On Roni's way to work she bumps into Louis Tomlinson! They become great friends and louis finds that he is falling in love with roni. roni also finds that she is falling for louis. What will happen to their relationship if they ever confess their feelings for each other?


2. Reunited


Louis' P.O.V


"Roni?" I asked the lady. "LOU!' she screamed which made everybody look at us. I didn't care though. I had found Roni! I quickly reached over the counter and gave her a huge hug that could have squished her. I could tell she didn't mind though because she hugged me back just as hard. "What time do you get off work I asked her. "5:00" she answered. "Ok, do ya wanna come over to my flat later" i asked herb hoping she would say yes. "Totally" she replied "Yay" i yelled a bit too loud. Everyone looked at us again. "Oh, i almost forgot, I am sharing the flat with my friends Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry. Have you heard of them?" i asked her, afraid that she might not want to come over since I mentioned the boys. "duh" she answered. "Im a huge fan of One Direction!" "Yay" i shouted again. "See ya then" i answered then i ran out of the store and hopped into my car. I drove to our flat then went inside and yelled "honey, im home". I saw that the boys were watching and seemed o have not noticed me so I went and jumped on them. "Louis get off, i cant see" whined Harry. "Not until you listen to me" i said. Liam then pulled my suspender strap and let it go so that it hit my body. "Ouch" i mumbled so that they couldnt hear. "That'll teach him" said Harry matter of factly. "Try me" i yelled before grabbing the remote from Niall and turning the tv off."Fine you win" Liam yelled. What did you want to tell us?" Before I could answer the doorbell rang. "That would be her" i said before running up tho the door. OH  a her, has louis found himself a girlfriend?" Zayn said. "Shut up" i said before opening the door and saw Roni standing there. "hi" i said again then hugged her and picked her up. All the boys were akwardly staring at us. "Guys this is Roni and she is my long lost BFF" i explained. "We will be spending the rest of the day together." They all nodded. Roni gave them all a wave and they all waved back cheekily. Suddenly Niall grabbed a pillow and started a pillow fight. "OH IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG" i screamed.



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