Stole my heart

On Roni's way to work she bumps into Louis Tomlinson! They become great friends and louis finds that he is falling in love with roni. roni also finds that she is falling for louis. What will happen to their relationship if they ever confess their feelings for each other?


4. Getting ready to go the 1D concert


Louis's P.O.V



I looked down at Roni. she was curled up in a ball and her head was on mw shoulder. I started to shake her and try to get her up. We had a concert today and I wanted Roni to come and watch us. She opened up one eye and let out a yawn. "We have a concert today and we wanna know if you wanna come?" She nodded her head then quickly gat out of bed. " I smell bacon" she said , sniffing the air. I laughed. The boys are making bacon. "yum" she said running to the kitchen.  "Good morning sleeping beauty, it took you forever to wake up" said Harry exaggerating. Roni giggled while chewing on a piece of bacon. Suddenly Roni dropped her bacon and her chin dropped to the floor. "What?" we all asked. "I have nothing to wear!" She exclaimed. We all laughed at this coment then began to eat our bacon.


Roni's P.O.V


As soon as I had said that the boys had started to laugh. Why would they laugh, I mean they wouldn't be laughing if they had nothing but sweats to wear. I just shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes then punched Harry in the shoulder playfully. "We should take the lady shopping, I guess" Zayn yelled. My eyes lit up and my mouth grew into a smile. I started to bounce up and down along with Lou. "Maybe  now I can get those checkered suspenders now!!" he yelled. So we all went and got into the car and   drove to the closest mall. 

-a few hours later-


I had finally picked out a blue dress that was knee length and loose. Lou had gotten his suspenders so we all went back to their flat and got ready. I took a quick shower ten got out, dried my hair and put it in a side braid. Next I put on the dress that I had picked out and changed into my dress. When I got downstairs I saw that Everyone except Harry and  Zayn were ready to go. Niall was wearing a red polo, Louis was wearing suspenders and a striped shirt and Liam was wearing his plaid shirt. Just then Harry came down in a white t shirt and Zayn was wearing  varsity jacket. "Let's go!!" yelled Louis so we all piled into the car and drove off to wear the concert would be held. 

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