Stole my heart

On Roni's way to work she bumps into Louis Tomlinson! They become great friends and louis finds that he is falling in love with roni. roni also finds that she is falling for louis. What will happen to their relationship if they ever confess their feelings for each other?


6. Confessing secrets

Louis's P.O.V


We sang a few more songs and then  the concert was over. I ran over to Roni and  gave her a big hug. We all drve home then all laid on the couch. We were all super tired. Im gonna go get some coffee, anybody else want some? Roni asked. We all put up our hands. She giggled before nodding and going out to her car. Once she was gone I asked the boys if I could talk to the boys about some thing serious. They all nodded then looked at me anxiously, wanting to know what I was gonna say. "Ok, Its about Roni" She is my best friend but I kinda wanna be more than friends. What should I do?" I asked them. They all looked at me with surprised faces then looked at each other. "Tell her" that all said in unison. I looked at them unsurely before nodding my head. 



   Roni's P.O.V


While I was humming while driving to second cup, I thught about my feelings for louis. I kept wondering if I should tell him or keep it a secret. I finally decided that i would tell him that night. I went in and got the coffees then drove back. I opened the door and saw all he boys quietly sitting at the living room but once I got in they all stared at me then louis. I wondered what was going on with them then handed out their coffees. They all thanked me. "What should we do now?" asked lou, trying to break the silence. "Can we bake a cake?" I asked. They all agreed then we got out a all the ingredients to make a chocolate cake. It was just like baking a cake everyday until we put the cake in the oven and instead of getting a towel, Lou wiped his chocolately hands on me!! I took the cake batter and smeared  it all over his head. Thats when we started a food fight. every body started throwing food at each other. Suddenly the timer sterted beeping on the oven because the cake was done! "Yay, now I can finally have my chocolate!"cheered Liam. We all laughed. We took the cake out of the oven. It smelt delicious!! Liam secretly started to cut the piece of cake and sterted to cut it and stuff his face. When we al finally looked over he was just finishing up hi piece of cake.   We all laughed. We all just fooled around for the rest of the night. Every body fell asleep at ten except me and boo bear. "I have something i wanna tell you" I said. "Me too" he said. "You can go first"i offered. I was pretty sure that mine was gonna take longer."Nono. Its fine, you can go first". He replied, being a gentleman. "OK then. Louis, I dont know how to say this so I'm  just gonna go and tell you"  he nodded his head. "I have feelings for you" I said putting my head down and blushing like crazy. He nodded his and to my delight said "I also have feelings for you". I almost screamed but instead hugged very tightly and kissed his cheek. Things were turning out great.

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