Stole my heart

On Roni's way to work she bumps into Louis Tomlinson! They become great friends and louis finds that he is falling in love with roni. roni also finds that she is falling for louis. What will happen to their relationship if they ever confess their feelings for each other?


5. At the 1D concert

Roni's P.O.V

When I looked outside the curtain to see all the people that were here I could see thousands of screaming girls!! I could see many signs that people were holding in the air. "Ok" came a voice behind me. Startled I turned around to see Paul, the boy's body guard. I gave him a quick wave. "You can sit here" he directed me as he pointed to a comfy looking sofa. I had a view of the stage so I could watch the boys. I thanked then quickly ran over to it and sat down because the show was about to start. There were also snacks to munch on so I grabbed a handful of pretzels then sat down again. I could see the boys rushing to get to their places . Once they did the curtain opened and reviled the boys. All the girls started to scream even louder!!They all quickly introduced themselves and started to sing stole my heart. They sounded amazing! They sang a few more songs then started to say that they had a special guest here today then niall came running back stage and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me onto the stage . "This is Roni Dominguez" they all announced. Then louis lifted me up on to a chair and said this song was dedicated to ME!! They sang my personal favourite Nobody Compares! I was smiling the whole time.  I loved all their voices. Especially Louis's. I mean how could I not. It was a real talent and he was my best friend and deep down, I loved him.     

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