Alex was a songwriter. Her life revolved around music, listening to Justin Bieber, and food. Like almost any 16 year old girl. When she heard about a contest on the radio to meet Justin her curiosity took over. She had to give it a shot. Even if she didn't win it would still be worth a try. All she needs is some luck.


1. Radio

Alex is asleep on her queen sized bed with her favorite purple pillows she got for her birthday last year. Purple is her favorite color. It's a Monday morning in New York. There was snow falling from the sky. Barely enough to cover the grass. It was so peaceful out. "AND THAT'S WHY KIM KARDASHIANS CAT WAS CONSTIPATED" yelled Alex's alarm clock. It was set to her favorite station so at least when she wakes up she can listen to good music. "Ughhhh" I moaned "I am not feeling school this morning." she goes to turn off her alarm clock when something catches her attention. "Good Morning New Yorkers! This is Kelly Rewling on 96.4 radio. This morning we have a special contest to announce. For all you Justin Bieber fans out there get your cell phones ready and get ready to call." My heart stopped. Where was my phone?! I found it under my covers and got ready to dial. "If you call 198-765-0967 right now, you can win a chance to go to a concert AND an after party with JUSTIN BIEBER" That was all I needed. I dialed the number immeadiately . After a few rings I was about to quit, when suddenly somebody came on the other line. "Hello" I said voice shaky.
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