me myself and i

all about me and my life


2. my life

okay my name is nicolla louise woodhouse well i was born on the 5th of december in the royal darwin hospital  my mothers name is denise louise(birth)/anne(adoptive) woodhouse and sadly i dont know who my father is , i have 2 sisters , samantha jane woodhouse 15 and skye anne michelle woodhouse 12 . when i was 15 months old , my mum gave me up and the court gave custody of me to my nan christine, i love my nan and pop with every inch of my heart, but i know this sounds kinda mean to the woman who gave me life but i HATE MY MOTHER! i honestly do i lived 15 years without her in my life i can for the rest of it i regreted living with her last year i did , she started abusing me and everything so i gave up all exsistance of her in my life , im still in search of my father.

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