me myself and i

all about me and my life


1. about me

hey my life isnt like anyone elses. trust me on that , have u ever moved so many times in 17 years , no? well i have. okay for u to understand this better i should start from the biggening :3.

heyy my name is nicolla woodhouse but alot of people know me as Nikki or the cuddli panda .gees i have more nicknames then the sun , anyway im 17 and as i said before im no ordinary girl, ive lived in nearly every state of australia , all except WA (and never will aswel) havent seen my family in 3 years nearly, i have 2 sisters and had a brother, i dont have any christmas spirit left , i miss my brother, he passed away 3 years ago in lake tuggranong in canberra , since then all my christmas spirit was drained out of me and i hate new years! i really do , with me i dont feel like the new year will be any differnt for me ,every year is always the same the only differnce is with me moving allot of the time i meet a whole lot of new people which is good for me because im rather shy.

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