Unfotunate turn of events

My TRUE story.
WARNING- does not have a happy ending sorry... I wish it did. The names have been changed just in case anyone on here knows me or knows these people.
I hope you enjoy reading about me fallin helplessly into love.


2. Not you again

It was about two weeks after me and josh had broken up and i was completly over him. I was selling cups for my schools Drama and Chorus. A woman who brings kids to church whose parents wont came up behind me. "and this is Michelle. Michelle this is Drake, the new teenager, can he sit with you alan and rose?" With my back still turned i said sure. Then i turned to look at the new . Then i seen him.
I was at a football game. It got real borin at the 4th quarter so i decided to walk around. I found a friend of mine from school. I climbed and jumped over the wall seperating the football property from the big hill. When i got to the top i looked around i looked to my right and seen footbal fans. I looked to my left and seen rec football players. Then looked down to see my friend looking up at me " come down before you break your neck" she said. I stood up and jumped off the edge. When i landed i looked over to see the football players coming over to where we were. Perfect, a bunch of idiots we have to deal with.
"hello beautiful" said a guy up front "i drake". "hi" i said unammused. For a while he just stood there staring at me. I could hear the murmurs from his friends saying stuff like
"damn shes hot" and stuff like that. "so are you going to give me your number or do i have to beg?" drake asked. I rolled my eyes and said "no use in begging your not getting it i have a boyfriend who is 18 and we've been together for over one month." "i could care less" drake said with a smirk.
The night continued with him hitting on me from left and right. When it finally came time to leave i climbed up the wall to find one of his friends up there. His friend was in my way to get down and drake was beside him. "sorry am i in ur way?" drake asked stepping aside. " no your fine" i said gettig ready to jump down. " thanks you are too babe." i heard him say as i jumped. When i found my sister who had been cheerleading we starte to walk towards the car. In front of everyone as loud as he could drake yelled"STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
I walked up to him not sure what to say or do. "hello beautiful. I see you followed my instructions and stayed beautiful.". He put his hand up and rubbed off the eyeshadow i was wearing "you dont need it." he stated. I walked away to go to the back of the church an find alan and rose. It turns out kendall used to go to school with them before he got put in abic for getting into a few fights. I thought rose was flirting with him. "do you have a gf" she asked. "yea her names gabby." drake said "we just starte dating 10mins ago.". Then rose took his phone and put someones number in it. Haha probably hers. Bless her heart she doesnt take no for an answer. Then he started texting, i think it was rose. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I took it out and looked down.
Drake: hello gorgous
Me: ugh
Drake: aww babe whats wrong
Me: well i dont like my number to be given out to people that i dnt know
Drake: maybe you should get to no me better. I fancy a physical level.
-i rolled my eyes-
Me: yea im sure you would.
Drake: well i cnt help it ur so damn beautiful
Me: for
1. Watchthe lango. We r in church dumbo
2. YOU HAVE A bad wording GIRLFRIEND!!!!
Drake: whoa watch your language young lady we r in church id hate to have to punish you for naughty behavior... On second thought keep being ba becuz i would love to punish you. Oh an hows your ass of a boyfriend doing these days
Me: we broke up about two weeks ago
Drake: I KNEW IT! I knew it wouldnt last. That asshole wasn good enough for you i realized that when he got ma at you instead of me for me flirtin with you at the ballgame.
Me: okay i get it he was a jerk okay!!! Ive had enough of everyone saying i told you so to me i get it i screwed up with him i was naive and he was very cunning. I WAS DUMB!!
- instead of texting me back kendall took my hand and pulled me closer to him. A rush of electricity ran through me. What was happening to me why wa i feeling like this. "you are not dumb you are beautiful and we all make bad decisions sometimes but that does make us dumb you are smart and dont you forget it." he whispered into my ear then let go of my hand. A huge wave of butterflies entered my stomach. Oh no, its happening again except this time its worse. Im falling for him.
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