Unfotunate turn of events

My TRUE story.
WARNING- does not have a happy ending sorry... I wish it did. The names have been changed just in case anyone on here knows me or knows these people.
I hope you enjoy reading about me fallin helplessly into love.


1. My begining starts with an end

Its been two months since my "boyfriend" has even contacted me at this point i dont even care im just waiting on him to contact me so i can break up with his butt. I loved him. He was the first guy i had ever really fully trusted and look what he done. This just proves i cannot trust anyone. I waited and waited for two months. Finally, i got the text.
From Josh:
From Me:
From Josh:
Please, tell me we are still dating.!
From Me:
We need to break up josh i mean i considered us done about three weeks ago but now oh yea we are definatly done.
From Josh:
Please baby dont do this i know your mad but i have a good explanation.

' at this point i'd remembered how id been trying to contact him on facebook and came across something interesting. He had been hangin out with some other girl. She had been on his facebook thanking him for the an i quote 'amazing time we spent together'. Thats the only excuse i could think of from him.

From Me:
Lets hear it.
From Josh:
Ive been busy
From Me:
Oh wow. Goodbye josh.
From Josh:
Baby no please.
-end of conversation-

Thank god. I didnt think i would make it through that one. Im so glad i finally dumped that jerk. The first person i told was my best guy friend who had warned me when i first started datin josh that he didnt trust him. I scrolled down my skype contacts till i found him. Alan flashed up to the screen before me. "hiya...whoa whats wrong?" he said noticing my gloomy facial expression. I immediatly tried to light my face up "oh nothing i wa just calling to tell you that i broke up with josh." "wow wait really thats amazing but your sad about it." "no im not" "fine" he said clearly not buying it. "well i gtg" i said in no mood to talk anymore and ended the call.
I walked upstairs to find my mom and sister sitting in my dads living room with dad. I had almost forgotten they were here. "i broke up with josh" i said hesitantly. "thats great" they all said. I turned and grabbe my guitar and ran outside. I went to my hiding place in the woods and began writing a song. Song after song i couldnt write one. I just couldnt find the words (i always said if i loved someone i would be able to write a song about them). After about two hours i gave up and took my guitar and went back inside.
I guess i wasnt as love stricken as i thought i was. But tht is a good thing.
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