Unfotunate turn of events

My TRUE story.
WARNING- does not have a happy ending sorry... I wish it did. The names have been changed just in case anyone on here knows me or knows these people.
I hope you enjoy reading about me fallin helplessly into love.


3. He's not mine to take

I couldnt stop thinking about drake. God, this is so stupid. I heard a phrase one te saying we sont choose who we fall in love with. Aint that the cold hard truth. The worst part about it is i couldnt do anything about it and it was killing me. Me and drake would text for hours like we would start at 6pm and go to 10pm an never get bored or anythingnever run out of topics. That never happened with me and josh we always would run out of stuff to talk about. Also, when it comes to girls with drake he always says "shes sexy" " shes hot" "shes fine" when it comes to me its "your beautiful" i dnt get it. I hope thats a good thing because there are two reasons a guy calls just one girl beautiful.
Reason1: He loves her.
Reason2: Shes ugly but has a good personality.
YIKES! I hope its not reason number two.
This is so not right. Im not a cheater and i feel like this is cheating. I mean we havent really said anything about our feelings to one another so for now its ok but what will i do when he does or when i cnt hold it in any longer? I just dont know what im going to do. He invited me to his football game , i cant go but i was still flattered. I asked him why dnt he invite gabby and he said that he would rather me be there. THATS TO CLOSE TO CONFESSING HE LIKES ME MORE THAN HIS GIRLFRIEND FOR ME!!! I cnt take it i just dont know what to do. Oh well, ill just go with it. Tonight is a church night and drake already told me he wasnt coming. Tmrw is a fall fest at school then on the day after that (friday) is the churchs haunted corn maze trip. Drake was going. I was so scared i was going to screw something up. Please let this just be a phase.
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