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12. Zayn Imagine

It’s been three years since you and Zayn met at the coffee store downtown. It’s been three years of perfection. It’s been three years of you feeling infinite love from a beautiful boy. But happiness doesn’t last forever. There’s been rumors flying about Zayn and another girl and countless number of pictures to prove them as well. You can feel the strong brick unbreakable wall that you and Zayn built together crumbling down into pieces. You let out a stressed sigh. Maybe everything had to come to an end. Shakily you stand up from the bed in your room and crawl down stairs where Zayn was. 
“Hey babe.” You hear him the couch and you already feel your heart shatter.
“Hey..” You stumble to sit next to him on the couch. You blankly stare into the flashing television screen. 
“What’s wrong?” He feels your uncomfortableness and wraps his arms around you protectively. Taking in a deep breath you decide to be straight and direct to him.
“I feel distant.” You simply state looking everywhere but his eyes. 
“What?” You can hear the shock in his voice. “What are you saying?”
“You know exactly what I’m saying. I can’t take it anymore. The rumors going around with you and that girl?” You feel temper rising. This was just too much. 
“She’s nothing. You’re the one. Don’t you believe me?” He mutters taking in your hand as he turns his whole body to face you. 
“I don’t know anymore. I’m sorry, I think it’s the best if we took a break.” You bite your lip and finally gather up the courage to look him in the eyes.
“What? A break from what?” You can see silent tears gathering in his eyes.
“From each other…” You’re surprised you aren’t stuttering. This was too hard, but maybe this was for the best.
“You can’t. You’re joking. You can’t go. You’re too important. This isn’t happening.” He suddenly stands up, pinching the bridge of his nose as he walks around. 
“I’m sorry, it was for the best.” With that you stand up and walk out the door leading into the hallway. As you make your way towards the front door you feel him tugging at your wrist. 
“Please.” His voice was fragile and shaky. You can literally feel your heart tear apart.
“I’ll see you around. Thank you for everything.” You gently place a kiss on his cheek and untangle yourself from his grip. You can see tears flooding out of his pleading eyes and you can’t hold back from letting your own tears flow silently. You turn on your heels and walk out holding back a sob that was fighting for release in your throat. 
—Next Day—-
You sit around in you’re mother’s house turning on the TV, immediately realizing that it was a mistake. But you can’t bring yourself to turn it off. It was One Direction live performing a song on a TV show. You feel dried tears slipping out as the familiar tune rings through the room. 
“My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today” 
You let out a whimper as the camera zooms into a crying Zayn. Soon he shifts his vision to the camera and it feels like he’s looking right into you. 

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