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5.The Teen Bucket list

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10. The Teen Bucket List

                                                  The Teen Bucket List (continued)

21. Learn how to walk in high heels.

22. Meet the person I'm going to marry

23. Kill a Whore

24. Go on a road trip to wach u.s.a state

25. Be flirted by a cute guy

26. Take a bath by candlelight

27. Use a fake name at starbucks.

28. Throw a slushie on somebody's face.

29. Tye dye my shorts      

30. To kiss koala style.

31. Eat less

32. Go to broadway.

33. Make an snow angel

34. By my first own apartment

35. Camp at the beach

36. Play with sparklers.

37. Get the guy I like to like me.

38. Tan on the roof

39. Try dippin dots.

40. Go CRAZY at a party.

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