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5.The Teen Bucket list

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5. The Teen Bucket List


1.Get a Sun Tattoo.

2.Get as tan as I can.

3.Tell my crush my feelings.

4.Get a bouquet of roses from someone.

5.Get the tattoos and piercings I want.

6.Wake up HAPPY.

7.Buy a lot of makeup.

8.Go running everyday.

9.Meet One Direction.

10.Have a legit picnic.

11.Plan my best friend's wedding.

12.Spend a whole day cuddling.

13.Have a paint war.

14.Attach a lock to a love bridge.

15.Dip dye my hair

16.Work for a Fashion Magazine.

17.Go scuba diving.

18.Wake up at the beach.

19.Tell Niall Horan his smile is PERFECT

20.Play Messy Twister.




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