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If YOU love Tumblr..Then you've come at the right place! STUFF AVAILABLE HERE:-

1.Teenager and DaFuq posts....
2.Inspirational,Funny,Love,Girl,Cute and Heart-broken quotes...
3.Short Fan fictions of the 1D Boys from Tumblr.
4.Latest New$ about ONE DIRECTION!
5.The Teen Bucket list

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1. Teenager and DaFuq posts!

1. I have a condition that makes me eat when I can't sleep. It's called Insom-nom-nom-nia.

2.  3 words, 8 letters, Easy to say, Hard to prove......" I'm A Zebra." 

3.  Math Problems: Jane bought 72 sofas."Who the hell would buy 72 sofas?"

4.  When I was a kid, werewolves and vampires were scary. Now everyone wants to date them.

5.  That awkward moment, when a guy cheats on his beautiful girl, with someone who looks like   a potato.

6. Guy: "Wanna hear a joke?" Girl: "No thanks, I'm already looking at one!

7.  I always open a text and mentally respond, but forget to actually respond.

8.  Life is too short to remove the USB drive safely.

9.  Talking on the phone, walking around the house, doing random sh!t.

10.  That annoying moment when a package says,"Easy Open." and you need scissors, a knife, a gun, and a life saber to open it.

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