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13. Niall Imagine

1. When my stomach is hurting, and I’m all curled up in a ball on the bed, pouting and whining, Niall would to crawl over to me and press his thumbs against my temples, whispering “shh” against my forehead before lightly kissing it because he knows this makes me relax. And slowly I’ll uncoil, stretching out on my back. He’ll crawl down, lifting up my soft old t-shirt, and place small kisses all over my belly, lightly blowing cool air over my skin in between his kisses. And finally he’ll kiss my belly button and say “feel better!” to it, making me smile as he crawls back up, nesting himself next to me on his side, so I can lean my head against his chest. And as I close my eyes, focusing on breathing and making the sick feeling go away, his large, rough hand will cup over my stomach, and rub my belly in small, slow circles while he softly hums in my ear until I’m finally able to drift off to sleep.


Pitter-patter went the rain against the roof of your dorm. Everything- from the colossal stack of books on your desk, to the closed, dreary curtains- dampened what was supposed to be a good day. You’d actually planned on exercising, for god’s sake! Now, the only workout you had was kneading your fingers into a painful headache.
Sometime later (you couldn’t remember, but you think you’d fallen asleep), your cell phone buzzed you into reality. Cursing when your arm knocked down a cup half filled with coffee, you hastily stuck the device next to your ear.
“Hello?” you mumbled as you made your way to a roll of paper towels.
“Hey, babe! Ready to go?” The familiar Irish accent flowed out of the speaker in a big ball of sunshine. This time, though, a confused look instead of a smile appeared on your face.
“What are you talking about?” you asked inquisitively. A sigh filled your ears while you cleaned up the mess you made.
“I was afraid you’d say that… See, the lads and I were invited to this party, and Harry wanted to go stag, but I didn’t, so i was planning on inviting you, but then we went to all these food stops and i sorta forgot butitstartsinfifteenminutesandyoullcomeright?”
You looked at the phone in disbelief. It shouldn’t surprise you; it was just like always. He would wait until the last minute and you’d be there at the receiving end of his mistakes.
“Niall, you cant dump this on me right now, of all times! I have a big paper due in two days, and-“
“Babe, we both know you weren’t going to get any work done tonight.” You could tell he was smirking, his blue eyes twinkling with victory.
“What about my make up? And what’ll i wear? I look like an extra from the Walking Dead.”
“Don’t worry about that. I sent Lou and her team to your address. Your roommate jut went out of town, yeah? They’ll get the job done.”
You just shook your head, your h/c hair moving in its messy pony tail. “Dammit, Horan, you really suck.”
“You know you love me. See you soon.” When you heard the ending signal, you slowly dragged your thumb over the red phone button. He didn’t know how right he was… Just like always.
-thirty minutes later- 
“They did an incredible job,” you said in awe. The limo glided across pavement as you look at yourself in the mirror.
“Didn’t i tell you? It all worked out just fine.” Niall leaned back, popping a crisp into his mouth.
“Except, you know, were going to be late.” Liam’s brow creased in worry, but Louis just punched him lightly.
“One Direction is never late! Everyone else is just-“
“Early!” we all recited in unison.
“This is our first time seeing you in a dress, isn’t it?” Perrie tilted her head as she looked you up and down. Danielle reached across Liam to give your arm a squeeze.
“You look beautiful, love,” she told you, and the other girls nodded their consent. Harry let out a long wolf whistle, causing the whole lot to laugh. You couldn’t help but blush, and he slung an arm around you casually. A spicy cologne- much more broad than Niall’s light scent- filled your nose in a good, comfortable way. The curly haired boy flashes you a cheeky grin, and when you send an equally cheeky wink back, you think you see a flash in Niall’s eyes… But no, when you turned back to look at him fully, he’s just shoving the last few crisps into his mouth.                                                                              ”Looks like we’re here,” noted Liam, starting to get out of his seat. Zayn groaned as he took in the view through the window.                                  “This better be better than the last club we went to,” he grumbled. You looked at Niall, confused once more, but he just shrugged and offered you his hand. You took it, and together you walked into the dazzling lights.                                                                                                        A pounding music hit your ears immediately, the smell of alcohol mingling with perfume and sweat. Giggling drunks were already making their way out of the dance floor and into small rooms next to the main area. A clenching grip that came at all the parties began to make its way into your stomach, and you grimaced slightly. Niall, oblivious, made a beeline to the bar, but you slipped away from him before he could shove a drink in your hand. All you wanted to do was get through the night without a hangover to deal with the next day.Harry found you slightly after, and, without even needing to ask, took a firm grip on your waist and led you to the center of the room.                           “You trying to keep it clean?” he yells over the noise as he started to move with the beat. You followed his lead as you nodded. “Big paper due soon,” you responded and closed your eyes. Of all things in the world that let you loose, dancing was one of the top ones. And by the way Harry took your body across the floor, it was easy to let go without a taste of liquor. Soon, though, he took you to a corner and spoke closely to your ear. “Go get him, babe. He’s just sulking around like a sullen three leaf clover without you.”  The look on your face made him smile, and his big hands pushed you in the blonde’s direction without a moment of hesitation. “Hey,” you said wearily when you sat across from him. “Having fun?” he asks, eyeing a skimpy brunette behind you. Your fist clenches tighter than what you’d thought possible, and a bubble of anger pulls over you. “Can I speak to you in private, please?” You drag Niall out of the club before he can put down his drink. “What the hell do you think you’re playing, Horan?!” you yell at him. He looked at you, surprised. “This is just like always, you know that? How dare you! Every time this happens, I’ll have to watch you party and flirt with random girls and get freaking drunk and you know who’s going to take you home? Me! And I’m tired of it, Niall. I… I, God, I love you, but I’m tired of carrying around your bullshit for nothing!”                                                        ”(Y/N)…. I.. I want us to be a just like always, though…” The sentence shot a dozen bullets straight into your soul, and you turn to hide your face. Tears stream down red cheeks, but before you can run away, he calls your name, grabs your wrist, and slams his lips against yours in desperate fervor.                                                                                 You didn’t want to like it. After everything you’d been through, this just tangled up your thoughts even more, but there was something about the kiss that made all that go away. It felt like forever and a millisecond at the same time, rough and gentle, sweet and fiery, like fireworks across a moonlit water. When you finally break from lack of breath, he takes the side of your face in a hand and brushes the salty streams away with a finger.                                                                                                    ”You didn’t let me finish. I want us to be a just like always… One where you’ll be what I come home to every day. One where I can hold your hand whenever I want, kiss you whenever the hell I feel like it. A just like always where I can beat the shit out of anyone that even thinks about laying a hand on you.” He grins, kissing you again. “A just like always where you can be my forever, and I can be yours….. That’s what I want.”                                                             “So… what does this mean?” you breathed, looking up into his blue eyes. Niall brushed some runaway strands of hair from your eyes and kisses you once, twice three times.                                                                                                ”It means that I love you, too. Now, let’s get back in there and embarrass the lads with my jig, yeah?” You laughed.                                                                     “Just like always?”                                                                                                   “Just like always.”



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