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11. Harry Imagine


~By ilovehslpnhltzm~ {Follow her on TUMBLR} (Permission Granted)

Harry Imagine- "I love you" interview


i’am Harry Styles girl friend, right now he’s gone on tour. He called and told me he had an interview today, and to watch it. he said which channel and everything. but there is still 2 hours until it starts. so i just laying on the couch watching tv.

*2 hours later*

i turned it on the channel of the interview. “now welcoming One Direction!!” the interviewer said (whos name is Gabe, Random name). then boys came out and sat on a small couch (as always). they said their hellos then started the interview. the beginning they just talked about how tour is going and everything. “so, which one’s have girl friends?” gabe asked Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn raised their hands. “ah, so Niall, your the only single one now?” gabe asked “yep” niall “he just hasn’t found his princess yet” liam said patting niall on the back. niall smiled. “so, Zayn your dating Perrie from Little Mix right?” gabe asked zayn smiled and nodded his head yes. “and Liam your dating Danielle?’ gabe asked “yeah” liam said “you two have been dating for a while now, i’m glad, you two are a very cute couple” gabe said ”thanks” liam said “no problem, Louis your dating Eleanor, you two have also been together for a while” gabe said “yeah” Louis said blushing. “awe, i hope you one day get married and have little baby Louis and Eleanor’s” Gabe said “thanks’ Louis said. Gabe smiled. “now Harry, who’s the lucky girl your dating?” Gabe asked “her names y/n, she’s really sweet, and i’m in love with her” harry said “awe, lets bring up a picture of you two shall  we?” Gabe asked harry nodded, soon a picture of me and Harry at a beach came up. we are standing up on the shore line.  i’m in a bikini and Harry’s in swimming trunks. and my swim suite show’s…a lot. i blushed to myself. Harry smiled and blushed when he saw the picture. “so this is y/n?” Gabe asked “yeah” harry mumbled blushing. “she’s a really good looking girl” Louis teased, harry rolled his eyes “she looked really good in that swimsuit” Liam said “Liam!” harry said “what? its the truth!” Liam said harry blushed a deep deep red. i decided to call him i know he’s in the interview but who cares! i grabbed my phone and dialed then number. i watched him on the TV grab his phone from  his pocket, “erm..hey babe” harry said “hey, can you put it on speaker phone real quick? please baby?” i asked “erm. sure love” he said then put it on speaker “boys quit teasing harry, we know you jealous, but i’m his sorry! just be nice and quit saying i’m good looking just to embarrass him!” i said I watched all their facial expressions, including Harrys he blushed a deeper red then it was before, and laughed. the interviewer grabbed the phone. “you better watch out y/n it looks like more than just harry, in the band like you” gabe said “hahahahaha yeah i guess” i said he laughed “by the way nice swimsuit” he said “thanks, can you hand the phone back to harry?” i asked, he did so. “hey babe” harry said “hi, sorry to call but i just wanted to say that, i love you” i said “i love you too” he said the crowd, boys, and gabe all went “awe!” when i said that, i forgot it was on speaker. he blushed and laughed “well i’ll talk to you later” i said “okay, bye love” he said “bye” i said then hung up. i watched the rest of the interview and all the boys and interviewer did was tease harry about saying i love you.

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