The "Perfect"Tumblr Page

If YOU love Tumblr..Then you've come at the right place! STUFF AVAILABLE HERE:-

1.Teenager and DaFuq posts....
2.Inspirational,Funny,Love,Girl,Cute and Heart-broken quotes...
3.Short Fan fictions of the 1D Boys from Tumblr.
4.Latest New$ about ONE DIRECTION!
5.The Teen Bucket list

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3. 1D News..

* Harry Styles nominated the villain of the year by NME -Fan's react*

*One Direction nominated as the worst band by NME.*

Here's the link...

*One Direction doesn't want anymore international embarrassment! Vow to take Language Tips from Youtube! 

(F.Y.I - Don't forget to look at their gorgeous puppy-dog faces!)

Here's the link..


How do you guys like the Kiss You video?
I loved it! It's perfect.....<3<3<3

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