Dear Diary

Amanda Roberts loves Harry Styles. She wrote a diary for him. She doesn't know that the boys live next door she bumps into him and she got excited. when she was away one day Harry sneaked into her room and took her diary and read it.


8. chapter7

sssso sorry guys for the wait

we went home after that fight with Taylor. I was honestly sober after what happened. Harry said I was his cat. Does he want to be with me? I don't know. All I know is that when I get home I am going to write in my diary.

I said goodbye to the lads and went to my room to see them smiling funny and waving and Harry had a seductive smile. He can sure make a women look at him.


Dear diary

Harry said I was his cat when I met Taylor. She can be really.....weird sometimes. If you like her still Harry I don't mind I just have to watch you. But if you don't like her I'm still here. I know that sounds really desperate but you are like my new best friend and only best friend. At school when I was 16 I got bullied. And I kept on waiting for it all to change. And I still got bullied when I was out of school. How mean yeah it's pretty bad. But don't worry they stopped and got on with their lives. 

Yeah I'm happy not sad but when you came you lit up my world like your song says. I love you and If you don't love me I don't care.

Night Diary Night Harry


I put my diary on my desk and went to bed.


I was reading her diary there was one that made me laugh she said how she went on the roller coaster and it broke so she was stuck on an angle (that actually happened to me). She was beautiful and I'm going to ask her out tomorrow.

Amanda Roberts POV

I woke up to Harry pushing me.

"Harry don't do that"

"sorry but this is important"

"what is it"I asked worried

"will you go out with me"

"yes"I said happy. THE Harry Styles just asked me out.

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