Dear Diary

Amanda Roberts loves Harry Styles. She wrote a diary for him. She doesn't know that the boys live next door she bumps into him and she got excited. when she was away one day Harry sneaked into her room and took her diary and read it.


7. chapter 6

We talked for a while and had fun. I think I fit in fine. But sadly it was time for me to go.

"sorry guys I've got to go bye"


I ran upstairs and out Harry's window.

They were there and they were waving.

I got a text from

Harry. huh I never got his phone number. Well it said

we all have your number we did it when you weren't looking. bye

I sent back

okay curls see ya

I call him that because it's funny watching his expression.

I looked up and Harry had that expression on. I laughed.

I went to my diary and started writing in it.

dear diary

I have the lads numbers. It's like a dream come true. I know more about them now. Anyway in 2 and a bit days it's Harry's and I's birthday and I know what I'm getting him. I'm getting him a cat. Yep for his birthday. It's not crazy it's friendly. Louis also told me that you might have a crush on me. Is that true?. Well I don't care

Do you know a joke this was aiming at a enemy that was blonde but here it is. Please tell Niall no offence or offence to any blonde but why does my enemy that is blonde have tgif on her shoes? toes go in first. I made that up it was quite funny if you ask me. I'm a joker. I'm the joker from dark night. Tell Liam that..

I would just like to say that Taylor Swift has no sense in guys the guy she cheated on with you was ugly. Allot of hair everywhere. Very ugly I mean she has no type. Yeah she has a type when it comes to you but she made a humongous mistake. 

Can't she see that every girl in the world wasn't as lucky as her. Every girl wishes they were her and she just goes and cheats on you. She's got a lot of enemy's if you ask me. And she should for what she did to such an innocent guy like you.

I like you. I mean every girl does. But I'm lucky to even know you. And if you ask me. If people hate me. I don't give a damn. It's my life and if you were my boyfriend I wouldn't care who hates me. I would just say I'm hot and your not. That was quite funny.

I know I'm lucky and I'm lucky to have you as my neighbour for goodness sake. But for Taylor Swift never ever forgive her. Even if she is hot sometimes. But you know what the best word is for a situation like this. Revenge. Yeh make her crawl back to you. And you say you cheated on me so no. Make her jealous. Do everything you can to make her want you and you just say. We are never ever getting back together. I just realized what I did there. That was quite funny. But seriously do that I don't give a damn if they hate you for it I will stand up and say I did it. 

Do you want revenge? I'm pretty sure you do. Tell me do you?

I'm sure your answer is yes.

Night diary Night Harry. remember revenge


that took 2 pages. that was the longest page I've ever done.


I walked over to my diary and started writing

dear diary

so Curls our birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to the pet store.

Yes I will get you a rag doll.

And yes I did remember the Italian resturaunt and the bar.

I know what your planning to do.

Get wasted.

Or high lol.

So anyway got to go see ya

Bye diary bye Harry


I ran to the pet store. It was only across the street. I bought it and ran home. I got ready and saw Harry looking at me like you ready. 

I nodded and took off my high heels.

I was wearing a gold shimmering dress with gold high heels. 

My hair was pinned back and left down.

I threw them to Harry which he caught. And I swung on the branch and into the room. All the boys were staring at me.

I got my high heels and put them back on.


She looked beautiful tonight sexy. can't explain it sexy.

All the boys were staring which made me jealous. But she likes me right.

I read her diary and she has a amazing personality. I think I want her to be my girlfriend. 

She's nothing compared to Taylor Swift. 

Taylor is gross and she wears weird shorts and walks funny. Amanda walks sexy and is sexy.


We walked into the resturaunt and went to our table that was reserved. Amanda was getting glares. But she obviously didn't care because she flapped her hand like she didn't mind.

We sat at our table. Amanda sat next to me and next to her was Louis then Zayn then Niall and next to me was Liam.

We ate our dinner and then went to the pub.

I watched Amanda and saw her dancing by herself in the middle of the dancing floor.

I saw Louis drinking 5 shots and Zayn drinking vodka.

Liam and Niall were talking. And me I was watching Amanda's every move. 

She saw me and walked over to me and said to the bar tender. 

"4 shot's please"

he went away then came back with 4 shot's.

she handed me 2 and said

"wanna race"


she counted to 3 and we flung our heads back.

I won one and she won another one.

"guess we are even" she said

Our heads got closer and closer.

Until a girl came over to me and said

"get off of my boyfriend you idiot" It was Taylor.

"your so funny Taylor" Amanda said

Taylor was going to kiss me when Amanda said

"you don't deserve him you dog your not Harry's cat"

"and you are"

"I never said I was"

"she is" I said

Amanda and Taylor were looking at me.

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