Dear Diary

Amanda Roberts loves Harry Styles. She wrote a diary for him. She doesn't know that the boys live next door she bumps into him and she got excited. when she was away one day Harry sneaked into her room and took her diary and read it.


6. chapter 5

They were all looking at me smiling. Then they looked at each other and smiled and said

"So how do you know my name"

"Harry hasn't stopped talking about you since he met you" Louis said smirking

"oh really" I said looking at Harry who was blushing.

my friends say that he never blushes. I guess I'm lucky

"Yeah I was just trying to find out about you that's all"

"well I can't find my diary so I can't give it to you"

all the boys laughed and Harry shot them a glare. hmm what was that for.

"well hi guys"

"hi"they said in unison.

"so how old are you Amanda"


something's going on in there mind and I want to find it out.

"so Amanda we are going to an Italian resturaunt tomorrow and then to a bar want to come"Harry said


that was technically asking me out.

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