Dear Diary

Amanda Roberts loves Harry Styles. She wrote a diary for him. She doesn't know that the boys live next door she bumps into him and she got excited. when she was away one day Harry sneaked into her room and took her diary and read it.


5. chapter 4

"I can't I'm too scared what if I fall"

"I will catch you come on"


I jumped and Harry catched me. 

"see I catched you"

"shut up" I said slapping his chest.


it feels like we have known each for ever when we only met 3 days ago.

He looked at me in the eyes and I looked at him in the eyes. 

It felt like heaven looking in his eyes.

"come on" 

I heard music it was kiss you.

Harry and I both laughed.

"you like your own music"

"we practice"

"oh I get it"

He showed me the way and every one smiled at me and said

"hey Amanda"

"how do you know my name" 


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