Dear Diary

Amanda Roberts loves Harry Styles. She wrote a diary for him. She doesn't know that the boys live next door she bumps into him and she got excited. when she was away one day Harry sneaked into her room and took her diary and read it.


4. chapter 3

Dear Diary

Harry you talked to me that's part of my wishes. I'm so happy. There's nothing else I could want. But the fact is that you are my next door neighbour. Hey you haven't found out about me. Just my name and age. Nothing else, Well it's in here

Name: Amanda Roberts

Age: 19

crush: Harry Styles

Fav colour: Red,green,purple and mostly blue.

Fav food: Pasta

Fav sports: soccer

fav subject: sports

fav thing to do: play peggie.

Peggie is were you have 30 pegs and you sneak up on people and put pegs on the secretly.

fav boy out of 1d: Harry Styles for goodness sake.

this is my 2nd last page I'm almost done. I got another diary with another picture of you.

There secretly made for you so.

bye diary bye Harry


I saw him looking at me writing and he laughed. I told him my name and age nothing else so he is keen to find out. Ha Harry it's in my diary.

next day

Dear diary

last page damn. I got to get my next diary out of my safe. Just want to say It's our birthday in 2 days. 

yep I said our because my birthday is the same as yours Harry. I'm lucky extra lucky. There's nothing else I could want. 

And I'm so sorry for your loss of Taylor Swift If you ask me she's a cheater. Never play poker in the jungle there's too many cheaters. Like Taylor Swift.

Hey I could help you I'm good at that and I'm funny.

bye Diary this was the last page and bye Harry for the last time


I have to go out with mum to the shops for some stupid reason.

Harry Styles POV

she won't tell me about herself. I have to know. She's different. 

I watched her drive away in her mustang following her mum. I say she's rich because she is living in a mansion next to the lads and I's.

I opened my window to see if hers was open. It was. I am doing my happy dance in my head right now.

I held onto a branch and swung over to her window. I grabbed the diary quickly and swung back.

Ha I've got her diary.

It had a photo of me on there.

I opened the diary and it said it was for me. 

I started to read it. This girl is quite interesting.

I caught my eye on one that said her birthday is on February 1st.

wow that's my birthday and that's in 2 days whoa. Louis came and said

"who's is that"

"the girl next door"

"you mean that one you said is sexy and -"

"yeh that one"

"well why have you got her diary"

"I need to find out about her"

"what so you can have a one-"

"shh I'm reading"


he said sitting down next to me and reading.

Amanda Robert's POV 

I went to my diary to wrap it up and give it to Harry but it was gone.

I looked everywhere but couldn't find it.

I went to my window seat and saw Harry laying down reading something.

"watcha reading" I said.

he jumped and put the book under his pillow and said

"Louis' diary"

"oh yeah"

"do you want to meet the lads"

"yeh sure" I said excitedly

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