Olivia Sanderson is a 19 year old who works in NewCastle United and is Mike Ashley's assistant. Mike soon becomes very ill and has to to a break from work. Meanwhile Olivia still has to stay employed. So they transfer her to a different manager called Nick Gatfield. What does he manage? Will she like it?


1. Trouble.


Monday 11:27am 
I stared at the clock watching the smallest tab tick by the second. I honestly didn’t know why I even had to do this. I was an assistant, not my dream job but, hey…its something. I’d pick up mail, bring coffee, check emails, file notes, and when any of that was done wrong I had the ‘Hot Seat’ like it was kindergarten or something. But what really bothered me was this was my own speacial room that smelled like an old man and a dead cat. None of the others had the hot seat. Just me. Two hours had went by and i was still in the seat and still couldn’t stand the smell. I was Mike Ashley’s assistant AKA the man who treats me like utter shit AKA manager of Newcastle United. When the door swung open i was in relif. “Um..Olivia…Mike is really sick he’s been vommiting slurring his words and if you didn’t know already last night he had a seizure.” My heart dropped and my chest felt heavy. It was Corrie my favorite person in office. He handed me a small strip of paper that read. ‘Nick Gatfield Manager Bush Studios Ltd in Sheppard’s Bush, London Friday January 11th 6:00am. Corrie handed me a plane ticket to where I was going. “Have fun, and call me if you see any cute guys!” He said. The plane would leave on Friday. I knew Mike had gone home and he said to keep me in the hot seat for the whole week for something that happened the week before. But I could tell what he had was getting serious.
Tuesday 7:56pm
Mike gave Nick Gatfield tons of my information. I knew that when Nick video chatted me. I answered the call and saw him sitting in a recording studio. “Hello, Olivia.” He said. “Hi…” I said awkwardly. “ that Mike is sick you’ll be working for me for a while.” He reminded. “Oh…yeah what do you manage?” I asked. “Well…Its a band…” He said making me quess. I looked confused. “Ill just see on Saturday.” I said giving up.
Friday 11:40pm
You wouldn’t believe how far Newcastle was from London. Meanwhile i was stuck on this plane with a little red headed girl who was stocked on One Direction gear and her mother who constantly hit her for no reason. I jerked my head back to my seat and held a tight grip on the arm rest. This should be intresting.
Saturday 3:11am 
We landed in 2 hours so I had enough time to unpack and get dressed. So it had been 4 hours and I learned to hate the flight attendant and Robin the little girl’s name was. She leaned against me and drooled and snored. Although I took in notice of what was happening I couldn’t keep my mind off the fact Mike was in terrible danger.
Saturday 5:39am
We had finally landed and got off I got my bags and waited to see a man holding a sign with my last name on it. Finally I saw it ‘Sanderson’ I dragged my bags to him. He picked both of them up like they were feathers and put them in the trunk of the travel car.
Saturday 5:49
I walked into the hotel room and it was just fablous words couldn’t explain it. I unpacked and was putting the finishing touches on my makeup. I looked at the time on my phone ‘6:00’.
Saturday 6:50
I had layed on my bed for nearly an hour and then got up to drive to the studio I was meeting my boss for the first time in person and the band he was managing. 
Saturday 6:57
Suprisingly the studio wasn’t far from the hotel. I walked in the studio scared as can be. I saw Nick on his iPhone then he look up at me. “Olivia love…come meet the band!!!!” He said with an annoying about of joy. He pulled my arms to this recording studio. I saw three boys who had looked familiar. “That there is Zayn Louis and Niall.” He pointed out. “Ummm…….” I whispered. He was taking me everywhere too excited. We went to see two other boys named Liam and Harry. And it all came quickly to me. I knew who these people were. “Well we just recorded the sophmore album ‘Take Me Home’ and we are going to a concert tonight.” He said waiting for me not to worry. I pretened to be cool about but I was nervous enough…what if I mess up? All 7 of us went in two different travel cars. The first one had Louis Niall Zayn Liam and the second had Harry Nick and I. “Where are we headed?” I asked. Nick looked at me then smiled, “We’re going to see how the stage is set up.” I pushed my hair behind my ear. I gulpped and help my chest. Get it together. You can do this. No you can’t. The left and right of my brain fought. “So what do you think about the boys?” Nick asked with a big grin. “I love them!” I said verbally. I don’t know. I thought mentally. I didn’t know what I was feeling. Happy. Sad. Angry. Scared. But I was having a lot of bad thoughts.

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