A Day With 1D

My friend Kassidy and I are strolling on the beaches of California, when a miracle happens. We run into our favorite members of One Direction, only the best band ever known and they want to go on a date with us! Can this day get any better?


1. Chapter 1

"Nicole, hurry up!" called my best friend Kassidy. I grabbed my bag and headed outside. It was Valentine's Day, only my favorite day of the year, (not including my birthday) and we were heading for the beach with a group of our friends. My friend Mateo was taking us in his brand new car, and we were all psyched to get going. 

"Sorry I took so long, guys," I said. My friends shrugged. 

"That's alright, we're in no rush," said Mateo. I smiled and sat back in the leather seat. 

Once we arrived at the beach, everyone hopped out of the car and ran to the beach. Kassidy and I ran for the water and my friends Emily and Derek set up the umbrella and chairs. We stayed at the beach until 5:00 pm, then Mateo, Emily, and Derek headed home, while Kassidy and I stayed.

"What do we do now?" Kassidy asked. She got bored very easily. I shrugged and sat down in the hot sand. The sun was already going down, and it seemed that no one else was at the beach. I looked in the distance and saw a beam of light. "Nicole, are you seeing what I'm seeing?!" Kassidy exclaimed. I squinted at the beam of light and saw two familiar figures. One was tall and had messy curls. The other was a little shorter and had very short hair. 

"I see them!" I squealed. Immediately, Kassidy and I hurried to the two figures. Kassidy was speechless. Me, on the other hand, had lots to say.

"Hi. I'm Nicole, and this is my friend Kassidy. What are you two doing here, in California?" I asked. The shorter one chuckled.

"Liam," he said, extending a hand. 

"I know," I said. "And you're Harry!" Harry blushed.

"Well, we came here on a tour. The others are on dates, and we're the only ones who didn't have any. So we came down here to the beach. We thought no one else was here, but I guess we were wrong," Liam explained in his charming British accent. Kassidy stepped closer to Harry. 

"But we could join them," Harry said, getting an idea. Kassidy and I squealed. "So, would you like to go on a date with us?" Harry asked. Kassidy squealed once more and took Harry's hand. 

"I guess I've got you, then," Liam said. He took my hand and escorted us off the beach. "We'll drive you home and you can get ready," Liam suggested. I nodded and looked down at my soggy clothes. 


After having an amazing drive home, Kassidy and I hurried into my house and into my room. Being a tom-boyish kind of girl, I didn't wear dresses often. But I decided that this was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and if it meant wearing a dress for just a few hours, I was up to it. Kassidy picked out a blue dress for me, and a purple dress for her. We both put on a pair of Converse and hurried back outside.

"Mind if we use your bathroom for a bit?" Harry asked. He held up a suitcase. "I always have a spare suit with me." I smiled and showed the two stars our bathroom.

Harry came out wearing a gray blazer over a gray vest, dark jeans, and a pair of brown loafers. He had on a silver bow tie, too. Liam was wearing a white button-down with a navy blue vest over, dark jeans, and white high tops. 

"I hope it's enough. You look absolutely beautiful," Liam said to me. I smiled.

"It's just perfect." 

We arrived at a fancy restaurant at around 7:30. Liam demanded a table in the basement. The waiter happily escorted us down to a room where the rest of the band and their dates were finishing dinner. Niall, Zayn, and Louis came and kissed our hands. 

"I'm happy you guys made it," Louis said. He pulled out some chairs for the four of us and we ordered some dinner. 

After Niall, Zayn, Louis, and their dates had left, Liam scooted closer to me. 

"You know, we weren't expecting to have you two here tonight. But I'm glad that we chose you two," he said. He inched closer. Harry caught Liam's head.

"We haven't got time for mushy stuff," Harry said. "The restaurant's going to close in a few minutes." Liam sat back and smiled.

"How about just a little, Harry? It wouldn't hurt for just one little kiss on the cheek," Liam pleaded. Harry sighed.

"Oh, alright, but hurry up," Harry said. Liam smiled and lay a soft kiss on my right cheek. I blushed. Kassidy looked at Harry with sad eyes. Harry shook his head.

"Oh, no, not the sad eyes," he said. Kassidy came closer to Harry. "Oh, fine!" Harry kissed Kassidy on the cheek and took Liam by the arm. He dragged Liam out of the restaurant and into his car. Kassidy and I followed. 

When we arrived at my house, Liam escorted me on to the porch and hugged me. 

"Thanks for being so beautiful and making this the best Valentine's Day I ever had," he thanked. I blushed. 

"No problem." Liam kissed me on the cheek again, then shrugged and kissed me on the lips for a mere 3 seconds. And I say, it was the best 3 seconds of my life. We looked to Kassidy and Harry, and they too, were kissing. I smiled and kissed Liam back.

"I'll remember you," Liam called as Harry drove down the street. Kassidy smiled. She waved to Harry and strolled into the house. I looked back one more time, and smiled to see that Liam, too, was looking back at me. 

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