My Dream With My Best Friends

two girls living the life few would love


2. Niall Meet Megan

We last left off at Courtney leaving her purse at the club and Harry on the mission to give it back to her. But we didn't see what happened inside the club. Niall instantly clung to Megan but he didn't want to rush things. So they decided to go run and get ice cream. Niall took Megan by the hand and they were walking around the corner into a mob of fans! "Niall why are with her? I'm way to perfect to let go!" His ex Monica screams over the girls "Megan's angel you dated me for my money than when I didn't give you something you cheated! Megan is prefect!!!!" Niall yelled back and the crowd of growing girls all "AAAAWWWWEDDDD!" At the comment. Monica was on a mission to get Niall back but she didn't think how but maybe. HAHAHAHAHAHA no. Niall and Megan were just walking and asked "Why did you pick me? I'm not the prettiest. There's a million girls and I was chosen can I know why?" "Why you're so freaking perfect! Nobody can top your beauty Megan!!!" Then He starts singing "Nobody Compares" to Megan....


Harry had found out Courtney's address because he asked her and she was still kinda sleepy when he pulled up in his black SUV. "Harry it's 10 in the morning can I help you?" Courtney asked rubbing her eyes. Harry walks over and kisses Courtney. "I couldn't stop thinking about you last night. Your laugh is implanted in my mind. Your perfect and I want you to be mine." Harry said while pulling a dozen white roses with a card reading "Courtney Elizabeth will you be mine? Be the sun to my moon? The beach to my ocean? My all?" All of a sudden Courtney broke down. Her dream of being Harry's was true!" Wait what about Taylor?" Courtney asked smothered in Harry's chest. "Her? We never dated! It was for publicity!!"

Niall and Megan went into cold stone creamery and order. "A double chocolate with rainbow sprinkles." "Waffle cone?" The teen behind the counter asked. "Yes please." "And you sir?" The teen asked Niall. "Rainbow mint and gummy bears. How much lad?" Niall asked pulling out his wallet. "On the house Mr. Horan." The girl said. "Fan?" Niall asked signing her phone. "Can I just say you too are so cute?!" The girl said leaning in for a pic. "Aw thanks!" Megan said eyeing Niall.


So that's it Courtney and Harry are official and so are Megan and Niall HOW PERFECT



-Courtney Elizabeth Styles

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