My Dream With My Best Friends

two girls living the life few would love


1. My Dream With My Best Friends

--A/N-- since two girls are named Courtney Im calling Courtney Miller "Miller' to ease confusion please voteand comment below if it was good bad or stupid!! I would like toknow if things need to change of my grammars abd please tell me xoxo

Courtney Mougey Megan White Kaela Johnson Hannah Moesch and Courtney Miller met because directioners just click. Specially if you like the same guy. Case in point Hannah and Courtney. Two girls two best friends loving Harry Styles and One Direction.

The five decided to go clubbing for the celebration of exams ending and winter break starting. Little did One Direction was that club. Courtney was the chubbiest girl in the group most insecure one. So she wore a tight dress but not skin tight. Figure showing. Hannah was in a pair of skinny jeans over sized sweater and heels. Kaela wore a strapless sweet heart neck line dress with a pair of black heels. Megan wore a tee shirt and jeans with heels. We have an obsession with heels. Courtney Miller had to babysit but skipped she wore a hot pink zebra shirt and it was cut in the back. She had on dark wash skinnies and a pair of really cute heels. The girls pile into Courtney Mougey's car since she has her license. They pull into a popular teen club. They got out their IDs to enter.

Courtney Miller was the youngest so she had to be careful with the bouncers. Hannah and Kaela were just being silly then "Do It" by Mykko came on. The four of them were tweaking and having a blast. Then Megan noticed a blonde with crystal blue eyes waking towards her. She knew it was Niall Horan from One Direction. She had to scream. So she did! So loud she alarmed Courtney. "Megan why the hell did you scream?!" She asked over the music. Megan pointed and Court saw Harry smiling at her. The five boys walked toward the group. Court went to talk with Harry. Megan was with Niall. Kaela was with having fun with Louis on a sofa just laughing. Miller was dancing with Zayn. Hannah was just a wall flower and kinda clung towards Liam........

"HI HARRY IM COURTNEY" Courtney said over the loud music. "Courtney lets go outside?! So we can get to kmow each other!!" Harry takes Courtneys hand and leads her out side for a rreeaallyy long time..... They talked and talked for what seemed to be hours. Courtney and Harry exchange numbers and funny childhood memories and they laughed, Courtney and the girls were really tired do they got ready to leave so he told Harry to text her later. When Courtney got up for the bench, she left her wallet. Harry was determined to get it back. To see Courtney again, she that smile, her laugh and her little snort when she laughs to hard.........

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