Stole My Heart (1Shot41D)



1. Valentine's Day

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing my flowy floral dress. I put some converse on and walked out the door. I was going to the store. It was Valentine's Day but I was of course, alone. I always am. All my friends have boyfriends and I am forever alone. I went into the store to get some food for my cat. I was walking around and not really paying attention to what I was doing. I ran into someone and dropped all of my stuff. "Sorry Love," I heard a heavy British accent say. It sounded familiar. I looked up and found myself looking at Harry Styles from One Direction. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Uh, no it's my fault," I said as I picked up my stuff. "I could have helped you," Harry said with a little twinkle in his eye. "It's alright," I said and began to slowly turn around. Harry continued talking to me. "How is such a pretty girl like you alone on this Valentine's Day?" "I don't know. How come you're alone? I mean, you're Harry Styles. You could have anyone," I said. "But I want you," he said and looked at me. I cocked my head to the side not fully comprehending what just happened but I felt a small smile appear on my face. Harry was still looking at me. "What's your name Love?" he asked. "Fera," I answered quietly. "Fera, can I take you out tonight?" he asked. I was in complete shock so I just nodded. "Haha, you look confused," Harry said. "I kind of am..." I said and looked down at the ground. Harry lifted my head up and looked at me. "I saw you about two days ago. You went to our concert. From the moment I saw you I knew I had to find you." The memories of the concert came flooding back to me. I was in the second row. I was looking up on stage and Harry winked at me. It all makes sense now. I snapped back into reality as Harry stuck out his phone. "Here, put your number in and I'll call you before I pick you up." I took the phone and put my number in. We said goodbye and I got back home. I ran in the door and fed my cat, Mary Jane. When I ran up to my room I went straight to my closet. What was I going to wear? Just then my phone buzzed. "Hey Fera it's Harry. I'm going to pick you up around 7. Me, you, Liam, and another girl are going on the date. Wear what you had on at the store, it looked cute."  I walked back downstairs and found my mom. I told her about the date and went to get ready. I put on a bit of makeup and curled my hair. I heard a knock on my door so I ran downstairs. I opened the door to see Harry. He smiled at me and led me to the limo. I got in and saw Liam and a girl. Not just any girl, that was my best friend Alice. I hugged her. Her usual curly hair was straight tonight. "So you decided to finally straighten your hair?" I asked jokingly. "Just when you decide to curl yours!" she said back and we laughed. Harry spoke up. "So I'm assuming you know each other?" Alice and I just nodded. We all talked in the limo and then we arrived at the restaurant. We got inside and sat down. The waiter walked up to us and we ordered our food. When we got our food we began to talk about the concert. Alice and I laughed at how silly we must have looked screaming song lyrics to the boys onstage. When we all finished eating we left. On the ride home Harry had his arm around me and Liam had his around Alice. The limo pulled up to my house and Harry walked me to my door. "Keep in touch," he said before letting go of my hand. I gave him a hug and walked into my house. I went to bed thinking about the date and hoping there would be another one.

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